Reading Party Date Options


Hi yaReaders,

So we think we’ve got enough people to go ahead with the reading party, as per our previous proposal. We want to hold it on a weekend during July and all we need from you now is your preference for which weekend suits you best. We’ll take the most popular weekend, but please be aware that we’re going to be unable to please everyone. We hope that if the party is held on a weekend that you don’t choose as your first preference, you’ll still participate.

Remember, this will be a 48 hour reading party, so we’ll be starting on the Friday night, where ever you are.

We’ve set up a poll on the forum with the four proposed weekends:

– The weekend of Saturday the 4th

– The weekend of Saturday the 11th

– The weekend of Saturday the 18th

– The weekend of Saturday the 25th

As you’ll need to register on the forum to participate in the party anyway, we invite you to head on over there now, register and have your say. Choose a date and add any additional comments you may have in the forum thread. Remember, this is your party and we want to hear your thoughts.

Click here for the poll.