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December 16, 2008 posted by Nikki

Question Time With Rachel Caine

We’re reading Glass Houses by Rachel Caine here at yaReads for our bookclub over on our forum. Much to our surprise (and great pleasure) Rachel stopped by the forum recently and answered some of our readers questions about her novel. We thought we would tantalize you just a little and post some of her responses. Happy reading!

You seem to make the line between good guy/bad guy very thing in your books. Why is that?

Partly because it’s more interesting to have things turn out different than you assume they will be … and partly because it’s personally more interesting to me to write characters who are more like real people. People are very rarely totally good or totally bad — it’s more of an 80/20 most of the time.

Why does Oliver put on a facade that he’s human?

The “mainstreamed” vampires – the ones who operate around the university, and interact with students – generally do put on a facade.

How did you get the inspiration for Monica? I mean she’s unlike any other bad girl i’ve seen. She’s like completely evil. She scares me more than Oliver (and he frightens me).

Ha, she’s a composite of a bunch of people I knew over the years. I admit, I turned her up to 11, pretty much. However, as the series progresses, you get to know Monica a little bit better. Even bad guys have their moments of not-so-badness.

I find that the more i get to know Amelie the more i like her. Is that suppose to happen? I mean she’s the head vamp. I shouldn’t like her should I?

Yep, that’s supposed to happen. Over the next five books, you’ll get to know a whole lot more about the vampires than you know from GLASS HOUSES. They have all kinds of secrets.

If you would like to read the rest of her replies (of which there are many), sign up to our forum here

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  • haha sweet!
    Some of those were my questions!
    Rachel really is a sweet heart for coming and answering our questions.

  • I started reading this series after checking out your flattering review of the first installment. As of today, I am up to “Kiss of Death”. I agree with you that these books are very interesting and definite page-turners. I was just wondering if you have as much trouble staying in the story as I do whenever you see a glaring inconsistency. Honestly, it happens a lot and every time something pops up in the story that is clearly incongruous to previous books, it just jars me out of the zone. I have to stop and comb back over the entire plot in my mind, wondering if I remembered incorrectly or if the author did. It’s unfortunate that she says she knows her characters and her story so well, yet she and her editors can’t (after 9 books!) get the story straight.

    The first and largest inconsistency was with the “Was Shane shot or was he stabbed?” drama, because clearly, the books claim both. Also, the timeline of the stories just does not jive. Sometimes she says certain events happened weeks apart, sometimes months. At one point Claire says it is only three weeks until her birthday, yet in the next book it has been three months since the tornado and it is Claire’s birthday. She states that she has lived in both of her houses (the Glass House and her parent’s house) for the same amount of time, yet with the author’s timeline that is impossible. Another thing was that at the beginning of “Kiss of Death” it says that Eve works at Common Grounds again, yet I remember very clearly that Claire keeps visiting her at work in the UC and it never says that she stopped working there. Also, the boy who tried to drain Claire was called Dean, but in “Kiss of Death” he is referred to as Dan.

    These are the ones I can remember right now, but I just seriously get so confused trying to keep up with what did or didn’t happen. I just feel like if an author is good enough to get published and ink a contract for 12 books, she should be able to catch all of these problems in her storyverse before they go out to the readers. We buy books and invest in series’ because they are a little bit of escape from the real world. When I have to sit down and calculate dates, times, and events because the author hasn’t, well it just makes me sad. :(

    Unfortunately, I am still interested in the series and I will continue to read the books to their conclusion. I just wish someone would take responsibility for the numerous issues.

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