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Flavor of the week : Harper Collins Bavarian Espresso Supreme

Pubsicle is a weekly meme that combines our two favorite things – ice cream and books. We hand the reigns over to some of our awesome publishers as they highlight what upcoming releases they’re excited about.

Unearthly (Unearthly, Book 1) by Cynthia Hand

A riveting tale full of supernatural powers, forbidden romance, and the choice between fulfilling your destiny or following your heart.

Clara has known she was part-angel ever since she turned fourteen two years ago, but only now is her Purpose – the crucial rite of passage for every part-angel – becoming clear to her. Clara’s Purpose leads her family to Wyoming, where, amidst terrifying scenes of a bush inferno, she finds the boy of her visions, Christian.

Clara discovers that her Purpose is only a small part of a titanic struggle between angels and their destructive counterparts, the Black Wings. And when the fire of her visions erupts and both Christian and Tucker are in danger, who will she choose to save?

‘Cynthia Hand has brilliantly spun the magic of Angel Mythology into a modern world of romance and suspense…one of the most addictive books I’ve read’  —Richelle Mead, author of the Vampire Academy Series

Release Date: January 1, 2011 (Australia) ; January 4, 2011 (US)

Cynthia Hand’s debut YA novel, Unearthly, is scheduled for simultaneous publication in the US and Australia. The author grew up in southeast Idaho and now lives in southern California with her husband and son. She teaches creative writing at Pepperdine University.



by Thoughts of a Scot

by All Things Urban Fantasy

Bloodlust (The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries #2)  by Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec, L.J. Smith

In the electrifying continuation of Stefan’s Diaries, fans of the hit television show The Vampire Diaries will finally learn about Stefan and Damon Salvatore’s first days as vampires and the love triangle that would turn loving brothers into deadly enemies.

When Stefan Salvatore’s first love turned him into a vampire, his world—and his soul—were destroyed. Now he and his brother, Damon, must flee their hometown, where they risk being discovered . . . and killed.

The brothers head to New Orleans, looking for a safe haven. But the city is more dangerous than they ever imagined, full of other vampires—and vampire hunters. Will Stefan’s eternal life be forever damned?

Based on the popular GO! TV show inspired by the bestselling novels, Stefan’s Diaries reveals the truth about what really happened between Stefan, Damon, and Katherine—and how the Vampire Diaries love triangle began.

Based on the novels by L.J. Smith and the TV series developed by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec

Release date: January 1, 2011


Savvy Chic by Anna Johnson

Fun, fulfilling, and frugally fabulous, here’s your indispensable guide to five-star elegance on a one-star budget.

A collection of the secrets of survivalist glamour lavishly illustrated by the author –

Sangria from oranges and cheap red wine. Ways to wear a man’s tuxedo and make it couture. The three hour cup of Russian caravan tea at the Plaza, and the starched Chinatown two dollar pillowcase with five-star style.

This book is not about saving, hoarding, sheltering, or even particularly revering money. Anna Johnson, is not inherently thrifty in any way – she is not a teabag squeezer or a penny pincher. And yet, she’s figured out how, with a little savvy and forethought, one can enjoy the finer things and live well on much, much less.

Anna’s practical yet poetic philosophy runs throughout: money is the heartbeat of life but it is hardly the soul. By tapping into our own inventiveness we can live richly without so many of the props. Adorned with Anna’s gorgeous full-color illustrations, SAVVY CHIC is the savvy source for any woman looking to save money without skimping on style.

Release date: December 1, 2010

Anna Johnson is a freelance writer, artist and the author of the top-selling THREE BLACK SKIRTS AND HANDBAGS. She has written for publications including ELLE, CONDE NAST TRAVLER, IN STYLE, VANITY FAIR, VOGUE, THE GUARDIAN and THE DAILY TELEGRAPH. She lives between Sydney and New York with her son.

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