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Pubsicle is a weekly meme that combines our two favorite things – ice cream and books. We hand the reigns over to some of our awesome publishers as they highlight what upcoming releases they’re excited about.

Mercy by Rebecca Lim

Synopsis by Rebecca Lim:

Mercy introduces us to a fallen archangel who has misplaced a large part of her memory and her sense of self — she doesn’t remember her real name, she can’t understand why she is continually “waking” to find herself, in effect, possessing a stranger’s body and assuming their life, before she is shifted “into” someone else.

In the first book in the series, Mercy assumes the identity of a choirgirl called Carmen Zappacosta who is sent to stay with a family in a small coastal town on an exchange program with the other members of her choir. The Daley family has a terrible history — their daughter Lauren was abducted two years previously and is presumed dead. Only her twin brother, Ryan, believes she is still alive. Mercy — using powers she can’t quite understand — believes him and tries to aid him in his search for his sister.

When another girl is abducted in similar circumstances, Mercy and Ryan know they must act to save her, too, before time runs out. Except Mercy herself is in danger, from an unexpected quarter…’

Synopsis from Goodreads:

An electric combination of angels, mystery and romance, MERCY is the first book in a major new paranormal series.

There’s something very wrong with me. I can’t remember who I am or how old I am, or even how I got here. All I know is that when I wake up, I could be any one. It is always this way. There’s nothing I can keep with me that will stay. It’s made me adaptable. I must always re-establish ties. I must tread carefully or give myself away. I must survive.

Mercy doesn’t realise it yet, but as she journeys into the darkest places of the human soul, she discovers that she is one of the celestial host exiled with fallen angel, Lucifer. Now she must atone for taking his side. To find her own way back to heaven, Mercy must help a series of humans in crisis and keep the unwary from getting caught up in the games that angels play. Ultimately she must choose between her immortal companion, Lucifer, and a human boy who risks everything for her love.

Release Date: November 1, 2010 (Australia) ; October 28, 2010 (US)

Rebecca Lim is a writer and illustrator, and has written ten books for children, published in Australia and internationally. She has also won several national writing and poetry prizes, and worked as a commercial lawyer for several years before leaving to pursue writing full-time. Mercy is her second book for YA readers.



by Rhiana

by Tez

A Waltz for Matilda by Jackie French

Set against a backdrop of bushfire, flood, war and jubilation, this is the story of one girl’s journey towards independence. It is also the story of others who had no vote and very little but their dreams.

In 1894, twelve-year-old Matilda flees the city slums to find her unknown father and his farm. But drought grips the land, and the shearers are on strike. Her father has turned swaggie and he’s wanted by the troopers. In front of his terrified daughter, he makes a stand against them, defiant to the last. ‘You’ll never catch me alive, said he…’

Drawing on the well-known poem by A.B. Paterson and from events rooted in actual history, this is the untold story behind Australia’s early years as an emerging nation.

Release date: December 1, 2010

Jackie French is a full-time writer who lives near Araluen, NSW. Her previous books, including Hitler’s Daughter and To the Moon and Back, have seen French awarded the CBC Younger Readers award and the Eve Pownall Award. In 2010 she was awarded a NSW Premiers History Award for her novel The Night They Stormed Eureka.


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