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June 15, 2009 posted by Nikki

Proposal: Reading Party

Here at yaReads, we’re thinking of having a ‘Reading Party’. Before we make our final decision, though, we want to know what you guys think and whether you would be interested enough to participate.

Although the details are still in the preliminary planning stage, we were thinking the party would run for 48 hours with the idea being to read as many books as you can in that time. There will be a ‘Reading Party’ section specially set up on the forum where you can engage in discussion with other party goers. You don’t have to stay online (or awake) for the entire 48 hours, but if you wanted to try and do that, we would certainly encourage it.

During the 48 hours, over on the forum we’ll be running competitions specifically geared to those participating in the party. Examples of the kinds of contests we’ll be running include the person to read the most books, the person to stay online the longest, the most posts during the party etc. At this point, these are just suggestions and when we have a clearer idea of how many people want to participate we’ll finalise the competition details. The competitions are just an added bonus; a way to make it more enticing for you all. The real action is in the Reading Party itself.

We’re thinking of holding The Party in July, as most people seem to be on some kind of school holiday in most places around the world. We’re keen to hear your feedback: whether you think you’d like to take place, what kinds of contests you think would be the most fun. So leave a message at the end of this post and tell us your thoughts!

We’re always looking for new ways to challenge and stimulate our readers here at yaReads and we reckon this is a good way to get the job done!

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  • I think it’s a great idea! I would definitely participate if you did it.

  • I love this idea! (please be on a weekend…)

  • The party would definitely take place on a weekend. We’d start on the Friday night, I think.

  • This sounds like a great idea! The 48 hour book challenge recently clashed with school/events. This is an awesome idea!

  • There was a 48 hour reading challenge? I didn’t even know that!! Haha. Cool.

  • If you do it the first week of July, I see no reason why I wouldn’t participate. Though, I doubt I would win anything, or finish more than one book. Unless you count picture books. Which I highly doubt will happen.

  • That definitely sounds like a great idea, I would definitely join in.

  • At the moment we don’t have enough ‘yes’ answers to go ahead with this. If you’re interested, make sure you say so!

  • Hey I am definitely keen but it’s all about the “when” for me.

  • Although I have trouble staying awake for even twelve hours straight (!), I love this idea and would definitely support it… I’d love to at least contribute some prizes or offer on-line encouragement, etc. It’s definitely a great concept!

  • This sounds great! I would participate.

  • This sounds like fun! I would definitely participate.

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