Phoebe Tonkin Cast Request for Isabelle Lightwood


Now that casting for The Mortal Instruments is heating up, I feel that it is high time to start announcing some of my own casting requests for the movie. While I am still undecided on many of the characters, I am firmly decided on one: Isabelle Lightwood. After watching The Secret Circle, a show on The CW that was recently cancelled, I fell in love with Phoebe Tonkin. Her acting skills are absolutely brilliant, not to mention that she is gorgeous! While reading City of Lost Souls, by Cassandra Clare, I couldn’t help but imagine Phoebe Tonkin everytime that Isabelle had an appearance in the book. I just absolutely love her.

Accoring to, Phoebe Tonkin  has recently starting reading The Mortal Instruments.  Could this be a sign that she’s going to audition? You can bet that my fingers are crossed! Some pictures of Tonkin can be found below:

What do you guys think about Phoebe Tonkin as Isabelle Lightwood? Again, this is not an official casting, this is my own casting request. Who do you guys think would be best for Isabelle Lightwood? Any ideas? Let me know in the comments section below!

That’s all for now, folks. See you next time!


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