Personal Demon (Women of the Otherworld #8) – Kelley Armstrong


1541884Tabloid reporter Hope Adams appears to live the life of an ordinary working girl. But in addition to possessing the beauty of a Bolly-wood princess, Hope has other unique traits. For she is a half demon- a human fathered by a demon. And she’s inherited not only a gift for seeing the past but a hunter for chaos- along with a talent for finding it wherever she can. Naturally, when she’s chosen by a very dangerous group for a very dangerous mission, she jumps at the chance…
The head of the powerful Cortez Cabal- a family that makes the mob look like amateurs- has a little problem in Miami: a gang of wealthy, bored offspring of supernaturals is getting out of hand, and Hope is needed to infiltrated. As spells, astral projections, and pheromones soar across South Beach, Hope weaves her way through its elite hot spots, posing as upscale eye candy and reading the auras of the clientele- and potential marks.


Ever since the Bitten TV show has came out, I have been having the BIGGEST Women of the Otherworld craving. I’m trying to resist going out and buying all the ones that I don’t own. I’ve been putting them on hold at the library. Of course, I caved and bought this one…even though I would have sworn that I owned it. This was definitely a reread for me. I demolished the entire series a couple of years ago. Be prepared for me to do nothing but gush about this book.

This book was AWESOME! Not shocking since I love every single book in this entire series. Hope and Karl are the perfect couple…well…..almost as perfect as Elena and Clay. I love their chemistry. GAH. They just work so well together!

I loved the whole idea of Hope paying back her debt (explained in the novella) and entering a supernatural gang to be a little spy for the Cortez Cabal. I do wish that it would have focused a little more on the gang and not have strayed off in a couple different directions. It didn’t take away from the book at all, but I really wanted to see more from the gang. This book was totally action packed, though, and I did not at all feel deprived.

I really enjoyed how the relationship between Hope and Karl wasn’t the cliché boys meets girl and nothing can go wrong plot line. They actually have a lot of problems that are detailed both in the novella and the book. And it was really sweet to watch Karl come to terms with his feelings for Hope, and Hope work out if she was willing to accept him. They do a lot of talking and soul searching with one another. And they’re both always there to help one another through difficult times. I just…I adore them.

Some people will have a problem with the age gap between Hope and Karl. I believe that Karl is 50 and Hope is around 27. However, it’s stressed that Karl looks like a 30 year old male. That didn’t bother me at all. Most of the time I didn’t even think of it. However, it might bother some people.

Because this was a reread for me, I already knew who the murderer was and what was going on. HOWEVER……I NEVER saw that coming the first time around. It never even crossed my mind until like two seconds before it happened. Don’t go into this book expecting that you know what is going on. Hell, don’t go into any of these books expecting to understand the concept before it happens. What Kelley Armstrong did was absolutely brilliant. Brilliant!

The only thing that I would have changed in this book was Lucas’s POV. I thought that the entire book should have been dedicated to Hope and Karl. Also, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Paige and Lucas. Fans of Lucas, though, are really going to enjoy his voice. I was just annoyed that it was taking up my Hope and Karl time.

I have sad, sad new for fans of Bitten the TV show. I have heard from Kelley Armstrong that Hope will not be in the series. Nor will anyone else. They just want to do the werewolves. Karl was introduced in the 3rd episode. Since he’s one of my favorite characters, I’m really on edge nervous to see what they’re planning for him. I hope that they don’t stray too far off the plot line in the books. And hopefully they change their minds and bring in Hope for Karl. It’s necessary.

If you haven’t read this series, then you’re seriously lacking in life. This is my favorite series of all time. I’m planning on rereading it clear up until my 90’s. It’s amazing. You’ll love it. Go buy yourself the entire series because you’re going to reread it a million times!


Pages: 371

Publication Date: March 25th 2008

Publisher: Bantam

Rating: [rating: 5]

Teaser Quote:

“Too bad Guy interrupted,” I said as we snuck around the rear of the building. “Otherwise, I could have just walked you down here before you changed back.”

His look said he wasn’t dignifying that with a retort.

“I always wanted a dog,” I said, nearly running to keep up with his long strides. “My brothers were both allergic. Have I told you that?”

“Once or twice.”

“Maybe, someday, you could humor me and—

“Don’t finish that sentence.”