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August 28, 2012 posted by Nichole

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters Movie News

 It took me awhile to realize that we hadn’t provided any information on this movie because I don’t like the series. Not only do I not like the series, but I HATE the first movie. I didn’t even finish it. So, I was a little shocked when I found out that they were, in fact, making a second movie.

So, for all of you Rick Riordan fans out there, there WILL be a second movie! The Sea of Monsters is set to hit theaters on August 16, 2013. That will be around the same time that The Mortal Instruments movie hits theaters. I am pretty sure that production has already begun for this movie.

Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters stars Sean Bean, Logan Lerman, Nathan Fillion, Stanley Tucci, Jake Abel, Anthony Head, among manyyyy more actors and actresses. More information will be provided throughout the year.

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  • Hey Nichole,
    So I love YAreads but I haven’t been following it forever so I guess I haven’t seen your review that you must have done on the Percy Jackson series. So now I’m courious, why didn’t you like it? I promise i’m not looking to get into a debate of aguement i’m honestly courious.
    Although I will totally agree the first movie should have been named the Titantic because (A) if it hadn’t had the name of the book series I’m not sure I would know it was based on the books and (B)the movie should have been the unsinkable movie and well… sunk, or should I say stunk. lol 😀

  • I had to chuckle when I saw your post. I took some friends to the cinema a while back (it was their first cinema visit in 10 years!) and we were planning to watch Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately there was something wrong with it so we had to choose a different movie. I spotted Percy Jackson and INSISTED we watch that instead. Needless to say, they’ve never let me live that down. They hated it!! Me on the hand? I love CHEESY movies and so I LOVED it! Can’t wait for the next one! I haven’t read the books though… must check them out!
    Suzy Turner, YA Author

    • I love a good cheesey movie just as much as the next person. And I have some friends that never read the books but saw the movie and enjoyed it. All of this to say, if you watch the movie and pretend it is not based off the book it can be enjoyable. I made the mistake of reading the book right before I watched the movie, so needless to say I almost screamed at the screen several times while I saw it at the theater. Although, now i have learned from my mistake and I now re-read/read the book after I have seen the movie so I can actually have some enjoyment for what I paid for. 😀

  • I’m going to take your advice and watch the movies before I get hold of the books then, Stephanie! Thanks :)

  • Stephanie: I haven’t reviewed the Percy Jackson series on here. I came here in February, so they might have already been reviewed. Idk.

    I just found the books really cheesy. However, I tend not to love books very much if they’re about greek mythology. I just find them really ridiculous most of the time, so that was probably the problem. They Percy series was also reallllly young for me.

    • Okey thanks Nichole!

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