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May 31, 2009 posted by Nikki


Ok, the jury is out. It’s offical! I’m in love with the New Moon trailer! Jacob’s transformation from boy to wolf is un-freaking-believable. It’s SO much better than I thought it would be. After Edward’s sparkling catastrophe in Twilight, I thought for sure they were going to mess that up. But no. Oh no. It’s PERFECT!

And can I just say that Taylor Lautner is looking smoking hot? I love the birthday scene. I love how Jasper ruins Edward’s piano – it makes the whole thing even sadder. Gah. November, why are you so far away?

Now the question is – will Summit hold off on us till then, or will we get another trailer?

For those of you that have seen it – what did you think?

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  • AGH! It was definitely perfect. I was really really worried they were going to do it Blood & Chocolate style, but I’m way impressed. I loved it.

  • ME TOO!!!!!

    I disliked Twilight (movie) so much and I pretty much had no hope for this one either. But it seems that maybe, just maybe, Summit have redeemed themselves a little. It was, however, only a one minute (or so) trailer. They might very well have been the best parts of the whole movie. But I’m optimistic, which is a great start!

    What do we think of Taylor Lautner? Like or not? Personally, I’m stoked that he’s Jake. I think that he was the best cast actor for his role out of Bella, Edward and Jake. I said this on the forum (we went a little nuts today when the trailer was released) but I’ll say it again here: I think Hollywood is going to eat Taylor up. You guys think the hype has been huge around Rob Pattinson? I reckon the hype around Taylor is going to be even bigger….

  • Oh Nikki, I’m with you. R-Patz is definitely a good looking guy. But Lautner is growing up very nicely. Once again – I’m impressed.

  • Team Jacob!!! :)

  • There’ll be at least one or two more trailers before November, this was just a teaser. Oh, and in case you didn’t guess, I love it too!

  • I’ve seen the New Moon trailer but I haven’t seen the Twilight movie.
    I’m a book lover more than I love Twilight so I’m not really open to confining my imagination.
    What does that even mean? Well, I like what I read in Twilight the book and right now whatever I conjured up in my imagination is enough for me. I’ve done everything but watch the actually movie and frankly, I’d keep it that way.
    Although, I must say that I haven’t heard the best about this movie from my friends.
    About the actors, I like how Taylor Lautner looks Jacob in New Moon. My sister’s teacher has a poster of him with the long hair and I choked on the apple I was eating. I’m not much of a Jacob lover but judging by character portrayal in the cast I guess he’s more or less the Jacob in the book.
    Pattie (R.Pattinson), on the other hand, I’m a little queasy about. He looks evil. *cowers*

    I haven’t even seen the movie so I can’t really judge how they fit each part to a full extent anyway.
    I cracked up when I heard about painted on abs, though. That just made my day. 😛


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