NOT another Twilight…


Since the Twilight Saga took off, young adult vampire novels have been popping up EVERYWHERE. Not that I mind at all. I love vampires and I love the YA genre, so all in all, I’m a pretty happy camper. What I don’t think is cool, however, is book reviewers, publishers and plain old people in general comparing every single vamp novel around to Twilight. Twilight isn’t even a traditional vampire novel, it bended the lore totally and absolutely, so why WOULD any other vampire novel be like Twilight?

Twilight is exceptional in that it integrates two genres into one: vampires and the supernatural as well as one killer romance. It seems to me that writers are now trying to replicate the same kind of thing. Some are successful. I would argue that the Vampire Academy novels took that idea and put a whole new spin on it with the half breed vampires positioned as the protectors of the full breeds. Morganville successfully achieves the whole romance/ vampire thing well, too.

But there are so so so so so many novels out there that seem to be failing at this. Why are publishers actually releasing these books? They’re unoriginal, slow, boring and contain no new concepts at all…

I don’t know, what do you think?

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