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April 24, 2009 posted by Nikki

NOT another Twilight…

Since the Twilight Saga took off, young adult vampire novels have been popping up EVERYWHERE. Not that I mind at all. I love vampires and I love the YA genre, so all in all, I’m a pretty happy camper. What I don’t think is cool, however, is book reviewers, publishers and plain old people in general comparing every single vamp novel around to Twilight. Twilight isn’t even a traditional vampire novel, it bended the lore totally and absolutely, so why WOULD any other vampire novel be like Twilight?

Twilight is exceptional in that it integrates two genres into one: vampires and the supernatural as well as one killer romance. It seems to me that writers are now trying to replicate the same kind of thing. Some are successful. I would argue that the Vampire Academy novels took that idea and put a whole new spin on it with the half breed vampires positioned as the protectors of the full breeds. Morganville successfully achieves the whole romance/ vampire thing well, too.

But there are so so so so so many novels out there that seem to be failing at this. Why are publishers actually releasing these books? They’re unoriginal, slow, boring and contain no new concepts at all…

I don’t know, what do you think?

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  • I agree everything seems to be compared to Twilight these days and I don’t get it. I guess since Twilight is the big thing right now everyone wants to capitalize on its fame. I loved Vampire Academy but I wouldn’t even really compare it to Twilight either other than it includes vampires and teen age girls. I’ve also been seeing a lot of which is better-Harry Potter or Twilight and I think that is a hard question because the two series are so different. I loved them both but it’s hard to say which one was better.

  • I agree 100% and it is a little anying how some of the YA vamp books i am reading are all reminding me of Twilight. And it is like Twilight is the nrew scale range. Dont get me wrong i lvoe twilight to death but it just annoys me how some others authors arent being original anymore!!!

  • Debbie, I didn’t mean to say that I compared Vampire Academy and Twilight, what I meant was that Vampire Academy has done a great job of bringing something new and original to the table. I believe that is why its so popular. And perhaps that is one of the reasons the Twilight Saga has become so huge – because is actually does rely on a whole new set of vampire rules. The vamps in Twilight are so different to other vamps found in Lit today and through history that its a refreshing change? I don’t know… I think about this way too much, I spose.

    And Chioma, I don’t actually blame the authors. I think its easy to start writing something and get so caught up in what you’re doing that you don’t actually realise that you’ve totally and absolutely copied someone else’s idea. I blame the publishers. Shame on them for publishing such trash, you know? Kids today are reading so much more than they were ten years ago and I attribute that to Harry Potter and things like Twilight. With that in mind I think its high time the publishers of the world stopped releasing so much trash fiction and started raising the bar.

    I pick up almost every single YA vamp novel I find and I can safely say that Vampire Academy, Twilight & Morganville are the only three series that I think are any good. And even with Vampire Academy I had to be convinced. I hated the first book and only continued reading the series because I was bullied into it. I’m glad I did now because they’re really quite fantastic.

    That’s my rant for the day :)

  • What about the House of Night series by PC & Kristin Cast? I would be curious about your opinion on that, as they have bended a lot of the typical rules as well. It is almost as if drinking blood is a side note for these vampires.

    I also recently read that zombies are becoming the new “vampire”. I wonder if the same thing will happen here? I haven’t encountered a entertainingly rule-bending zombie book as of yet, but I’d be happy to!

  • Meghan,

    I’ve read the first few house of night books, and I only reviewed the first one. I hated it. I consider these the ‘trash’ that I was talking about. I know a lot of people love them though, so I suppose this is one of those cases where it comes down to a difference in opinion.

  • I completely agree with you. I mean I guess other people would want to copy the same concept of Twilight since it was so sucessful but that just makes that person less of an author and just a stealer. I love the Twilight Series and there are alot of other vampire books and stories that I really like too, but I get annoyed whenever I find something in them that resemble any of Stephanie Meyer’s work. For example, in some stories there may be a paragraph of whatever that kind of sounds like Twilight. But then there are other stories that have the whole plot and alot of sentences that are exactly the same! I’m not obsessed with Twilight or anything but I just wanted to say something and agree with you. xD

  • I agree to this. But also I don’t like how people are saying that Evermore & the other books in that series are like Twilight. Because they are not. Evermore is about immortals not vampires. I don’t get why people have to do that. I love both series & finished then in 2 weeks. Also the “House Of Night” series is not at all like the Twilight series.

  • it bothers me that so many books *before* twilight are being compared to it and are said to be ripping it off. not true. for example” vampire diaries ame out years before twilght was even a chapter long. i have always loved vampires, and i love twilight but it’s a bit of a cliche now isn’t it?

  • You are right to think it.It is not right to compare every vampire book to twilight.I read books with vampires in them and it is totaly different from them.The twilight books on their on is very good and so it should not compared to other.Who in their on right are good cause that is what it was writen by that person.

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