New Adult Event: Guest Post from Author Courtney Ruggles: New Adult Meets Dystopian!


   Hi, everyone! Welcome back!

I’m excited to continue our New Adult event by introducing you all to author Courtney Ruggles. Courtney is the author of the Domicile series, an NA dystopian series! Today, Courtney has stopped by for a special guest post to discuss why she writes in the NA genre and its connections to dystopian novels.

About Courtney Ruggles:


Courtney’s love for writing started pretty much when she learned to read, which her mother would tell you was a feat in itself back when she was in the first grade. Once she aced those flashcards with vocabulary words, Courtney’s writing took off.  And her love with it.  In school, she was always writing short stories on a word processor (What?? Word processor with floppy disks?). Oh yes, she literally had a card filing case full of floppy disks.

Now getting her Doctorate in social work, she’s used this education to help her write some of the gritty issues entwined in her stories. When Courtney isn’t writing her next book while drinking coffee, you can find her doing homework (drag) with chocolate chip flavored coffee, reading series of books (because school books are only so interesting) while drinking pumpkin flavored coffee, playing with her little boy, or daydreaming of future beach houses while drinking some other scrumptious flavor of coffee.



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   Dystopia is saturating the market is what’s being heard through the industry, that publishers and agents are refusing to publish more dystopians.  And after hits like Divergent and Hunger Games, of course the realm of books would see an upsurge of dystopians. 

                Because we love them.  Whether it’s because of the imaginative worlds, the unique fights, the twists and exaggerations of actual truths in our current society, we cannot get enough of dystopians.  With our new founded love, the subgenre of dystopia will morph into its own genre with established subcategories and flourish.  In my opinion anyway, we just have to give it the coals and oxygen it needs to catch fire.

                I can already see this emergence. With the critics roaring about oversaturation of dystopian, we’ve seen many of those mainstream stories in the YA category.  But I write new adult. Just recently during a panel discussion, I was asked why I wrote new adult dystopian rather than the popular young adult. In a panel of twelve dystopian authors, only two of us strayed from YA into the NA world.  

                Why? It’s rather simple.  I find it more fun.  First of all, it’s more realistic for me. The heroin and hero in The Sixth Domicile are in their twenties.  Because when I was sixteen like some of the other dystopian heroes, I was not worried about saving the world.  Instead, I was worried about buying my next awesome name brand shirt, having enough gas money to drive my friends to the movies, or blaring the coolest bands with my sunroof open in my beat up Mazda MX6. I was too immature to think outside my bubble and when those thoughts of doing more than the shallow teen I was, they simply bounced away. Saving myself was unrealistic, let along an entire people.

                The other author and I shared our reasons for writing new adult with the group. Because teenagers are mostly self-centered (yes, there are exceptions, but it’s the age! They are supposed to be self-centered as they discover themselves) which leaves them unable to understand the magnitude of their choices.  With my characters, one of the aspects which sets them apart from other dystopians I’ve read is the ability to realize consequences of their choices, empathize even with the protagonists, and transition (while stumbling) into those major adult decisions. It’s a new take, a new feel with perspectives that are more mature and perhaps a little more relatable.

                Plus, I get to write sex scenes and that’s a blast in itself.

                As dystopia continues to take off and “saturate” the book world, I look forward to seeing more ways this genre branches out such as in new adult. The creativeness in dystopians will never be limited and the amazing, imaginative people who create these stories will continue to do so. So I write NA dystopian, pioneering through a new genre. Which genre will you pioneer through? 😉

sixthThe Sixth Domicile (The Domicile Series Book 1) by Courtney Ruggles

Published on January 20th, 2016

Published by Elephantine Publishing

Genre: New Adult Dystopian



In a future ravaged by greed and war, The Domicile has emerged. A new civilization governed by clandestine Elders where citizens are united by white masks and uniform identities. To remove one’s mask, to go outside the Domicile, to show defiance, means being sent to the Meurtre, a horrifying death sentence.

Q437B doesn’t follow the rules. She craves sunlight, dares to love her childhood friend B116A, and–the most forbidden of all–has seen the true face of her beloved beneath his mask.

But when Q becomes an Adulte, The Domicile threatens to take away everything that makes her happy. She is forced to marry an abusive soldier who demands she conform.

Whispers spread about the unconventional lessons she teaches her new students. And when Q openly disobeys the Elders, the people become restless, questioning the truth of the world in the wake of such defiance.

Rumblings of discontent stir as others begin to follow the path toward their freedom. The Revolution has begun, and Q is the spark that ignited the flames.

The Sixth Domicile is book 1 in the Domicile Series, A New Adult dystopian. Fans of Veronica Roth’s Divergent and Ally Condie’s Matched series will love The Sixth Domicile.