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Hi yaReaders,

With December just around the corner we need to get the planning stages for the Reading Party we proposed last week. This is where you, our members and readers come in.

For those that missed the last one, or weren’t with us then, here’s how it works:

Your Intention

The last party was held on the forum, and all interested participants were required to register their name to participate in an allocated thread. The same will be required of you this time around, too. However, at the moment (because we’re still a ways off), we just want you to register your intention to participate. If, two weeks out from the party date we don’t have enough members planning to join in, then we’ll call it off. It takes a lot of man power to put something like this together, and we need your support to make it worth while.

The Party Details

– This time, the party will run for 48 hours straight. Essentially, it’s a reading marathon party, but we’re going to make it worth your while by running fun party activities on the forum. These will include:

  • Trivia
  • Games
  • Competitions
  • Prizes for reading categories

The finer details of these things will be finalized and posted for your information just prior to the party date. Of course, as this is your party, your suggestions will definitely be taken on board.

The Date

Just like last time, we’ll leave the exact date up to you guys, and we’ll put it to a vote. At the moment, however, we’re proposing some time during December. Popular opinion seems to favor late December, just after Christmas and between New Year, however that will be determined by you at a later date.

So if this all sounds like something you’d be interested in, please click here and register your intention to participate on the forum.

We’ll keep you posted on all updates.

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