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June 17, 2010 posted by Nikki

Miley Cyrus to Rock the WAKE trilogy films?

Perez Hilton just posted that Miley Cyrus is reported to be signing on for the role of Janie in the film adaptation of Lisa McMann’s Wake trilogy.

I know a lot of yaReaders out there have followed Caleb and Janie’s story religiously, and I’m not so sure how you’ll feel about the Mileybird assuming the role of our leading lady.

yaReads is awaiting for confirmation from Lisa McMann – if she knows anything at all!

Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, we want to hear your thoughts! Is Cyrus even anything like you pictured Janie?

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  • please dear god no! I love the wake trilogy and this would totally ruin it for me… Please no Miley…

  • I knew you’d be unhappy about this Jen. I wonder what Niza is going to think?

    Other yaReaders? Does ANYONE at all think Miley is a good pick?

  • I dont know if Niza is a fan of Miley or not… but its not how i picture it… not even close… I know if there’s a movie it wont be what i picture but Miley is way way off…

  • I like miley, but she sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo does not fit the part of janie. Janie is way tough and miley is…. i don’t know…… yeah….

  • absolutely NOT. if janie is a SLUT, then yea. but otherwise NO.

  • wut is wrong these people…..LISTEN TO THE FANSSS!!!!WE R THE ONES WHO R GOING TO PAY TO SEE THE MOVIE….but miley as janie just makes us MAD! WE SHOULD TOTALLY BOYCOTT THE MOVIE!!!!

  • I BET BLOGS ALL OVER and COMMENTS are saying they dont want Miley Cyrus as the Part…..

  • No one wanted Kristen Stewart as Bella either but no one boycotted Twilight because she was Bella. It’s not going to happen. We’re a slave to these characters.

    I don’t think Miley was the right girl for the job – but I have no idea what you mean by “another Lindsay Lohan”. Miley Cyrus is anything but Lindsay Lohan.

    I actually have total respect for her music career. I just don’t think she’s the right girl for Janie.

    Let’s hope she surprises us all.

  • Nikki’s right. Even though Im not happy about Miley being Janie, I’ll still see the movie. We are all slaves to the characters….

  • Surprised and upset Miley is nothing like janie this will more upsetting to watch then twilight… (destroyed by a horrible screen write)I’m sorry but miley is a singer and not a great one at that, and should not be acting! exspecially in a movie thats based on a book that has so many fans. I do not hate miley and infact I do enjoy a few of her songs but the way she has acted in the past shows me nothing to believe this role is meant for her I’m sorry miley but this time sex doesn’t sell and you need to show real talent for the fans who have made this book and the movie ….

  • I’ve decided I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. But she gets one chance only. If she messes Janie up, I wont be watching the sequels.

  • NO MILEY!!!NONONONONONONONO!!!!!!SHE WILL RUIN THE MOVIE! i love wake, but if miley stars in it, i will be thoroughly PISSED! shes doesnt have the skill to place such a deep character!!!NO MILEY NO MILEY NO MILEY!!!!

  • whoops, i meant play…

  • Oh GREAT. And while they’re at it, cast one of the Jonas Brothers as Cabel and dress Billy Ray up in drag for her alcoholic mother. Then flip the garbage disposal switch and watch the movie go down the drain. Miley Cyrus would be perfect for the role of an annoying, untalented, spoiled teenager — not a complex character like Janie. Plus, her big gums scare me. Please, Miley, leave this nice story alone.

    Disney Dreaming: Miley Cyrus “Wake” Movie | Disney Dreaming

  • Woah guys give MIley a chance! You haven’t even heard how she feels about it….. and when i was reading this book (NOT knowing that Miley was playing the part as Janie) I actually pictured someone like Miley, because she is a strong young woman and that is who Janie is. I support this decision 100%, and I think that this movie will be the best movie anyone will ever see…. just give her a chance. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” (:

  • NO. NO. NO.
    oh my god. please no. I am in complete shock right now. I didn’t even know they were making a movie. But.. MILEY CYRUS? please no. It will ruin everything. I can’t even be excited for it now. I’m just horrified.


  • Ok, First of all it is cabel not caleb. And second of all.. A movie would be awesome.. As long as you already read the books then it really shouldnt matter who played the part as janie.. I think that movie would be amazing no matter who played who..

  • really now that i know Miley plans to play in this movie total mood killer come on really i dont even know i the movie is going to be worth seeing i really love books and everything but just watching the movie with her in it will just totally make the movie horrible i wish they would pick someone else to play Janie they should make the movie so the fans of the books will want to see the movie…. :( so not looking forward to the movie :(

  • Please not Miley. Please.

  • you have got to be kidding me. this is like the worst thing they could do they should let someone like idk dakota fanning have the role shes more experianced with movies and would be a better fit. Janie’s personality is the opposite of mileys. janie is more sercretive and afraid to let anyone in. Mileys like going to the whole world with crazy stuff (not to diss miley).

    • No actors are “secretive and afraid to let anyone in”. They are almost all goofy and outgoing. Try going to an after party for your drama club, and see if you can find one of the actors sitting quietly in the corner. It doesn’t happen.

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