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June 18, 2010 posted by Nikki

Miley Confirmed

Yesterday we reported a rumor that Miley Cyrus was tipped to play Janie in the film adaptation of Lisa McMann’s Wake trilogy. Although we’ve had no official word from the author herself, The Hollywood Reporter also ran the story today, actually saying that Miley was confirmed. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that it’s official, folks.

Miley Cyrus is our onscreen Janie.


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  • NOOOOO ! I don’t like her. Janie is supposed to be a really good girl…. and Miley? Let’s just say she definitely ISN’T.

  • Aside from my personal opinion of Miley’s behavior in RL, I can’t picture her pulling off the complexity of Janie.

    Seriously, who’s next Justin Beiber as Cabel?

    Though considering the fail that is the Last Airbender Casting choices, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ll sit over here with my books and not picture Miley as Janie if its all the same.

  • oh please no!!! why ruin the movie with her!!! she seriously doesnt fit the role of janie!!! i cant even bring myself to imagine it!!!

  • this is ridiculous!!!! NO! SHE WILL RUIN THE WHOLE SERIES FOR ME! this is so lame! she is NOT fit to play Janie. not only is she an awful actor, she friggin MILEY CYRUS! like omg! her and Janie are like total opposites!! this is awful, i want to shoot who ever chose her to play the role.
    im sorry, if this offends any of her fans, but this is something i cant help but give my full opinion on. i will NEVER watch those movies. it will be horrible.


  • ahh gawwdd !! i hate miley cyrus grr ive been so excited to see this movie and now she kinda ruined it for me :(

  • OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! plz NOOOOOOO!!!! ugh she cannot play janie….. janie is a complex character who struggles throughout the whole series whereas miley cyrus is the complete opposite!!! she shood just stick to playing a superficial airhead popstar!!!!! im sorry if i offended her fans but thats my honest opinion. i dont see her playing janie and now i refuse to watch the movies if she is in them

  • sucks for the fans of the series. =/

  • i agree with all the ppl that hate her. i have never read the series but i no fer sure that any movie with miley in it is a TOTAL mistake.

  • oh and btw HOLLYWOOD,the movie prolly wont get any good reviews and i doubt alot of the fans r gonna see it cuz of the whore(miley).

  • It’s not that I hate Miley Cyrus (although I find her irritating), but I just don’t think she’s what anyone envisioned for Janie. She may be passable in a Disney TV show, but I can’t see her pulling off the maturity & emotional complexity Janie has. It’s really sad that great actresses who aren’t as well known are being ignored for someone who’s obviously been picked to bring in a certain kind of audience (many of whom will not be fans of the books). Judging by this the movie will not be a great adaptation of the book IMO, which is a shame as I really liked them… Sighs. :(

  • Although I agree with you, Gemma, that Miley isn’t right for the role, I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a moment and challenge you on a point or two.

    You said she’s suited to Disney roles and that you can’t see her being able to reach the emotional maturity that Janie demands. Well, I guess my question to you is – how do you know? Miley is only just breaking away from her Disney image and I think we’re yet to see exactly what her acting range is…. She’s certainly trying very hard on the music front to distance herself from the Hanna Montana era.

    I’m actually very interested in Miley’s career right now, but again, I agree that I don’t think she’s right for Janie. Hopefully she proves us all wrong and she’s awesome.

  • That’s it. She ruined it. God help us all.

  • I can definitely see your point Nikki; I know Miley is really trying to break away from her Disney persona, and originally I too was interested in what she would be like in other roles. This led to me agreeing to come with my sister to watch a movie called ‘The Last Song’, starring Miss Cyrus herself… And what I saw is what really leads me to say I just don’t think she can pull it off.
    I haven’t read the book that movie was based on, but her character was supposed to be something like ’emo kid who has an attitude problem but deep down is really vulnerable’, and although she tried for me she didn’t make the character graduate beyond ‘annoying, spoilt and whiny teenager’.
    I guess I’m just scared she’ll turn Janie’s problems into an emo-kid whiny thing, which is why I’m just so unconvinced she doesn’t have the depth to do it justice. Maybe in a few years, but not right now anyways. (Sorry, I really do like these books…) :]

  • Wow. Really god awful choice. Why in the world?!! I just dont see her pulling this off. Janie will be such a tough character to portray. And I just feel like this is going to be a really epic fail. Maybe she’ll surprise me …?

  • NOOOOO!!!I am not a hater….BUT SERIOUSLY miley fricken cyrus… no no no…..she cant ACT….she tends to be overly dramatic… janie’s character is so complex…..and the content….we really dont need another Lindsy Lohan mishap…..i really hope the Author denys her….or these people who actually considered her to come to there senses….or SERIOUSLY for once listen to the FANS…..WE DONT WANT MILEY CYRUS AS JANIE

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!PLEEZZ NO….I am not a hater…..BUT SERIOUSLY…..MILEY FRICKEN CYRUS…..she cant even act….she tends be overly dramatic…..janie’s character is very complex….plus the content…..shes not right for the role…..we do not need another Lindsey Lohan…..I hope the author denies her…..or the people who actually considered miley should come to their senses…..OR for once THESE PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN TO THE FANS….

  • crap.

  • WHY!?! She’s a terrible actress & is not good for the role. But, of course, hollywood is totally going to ignore us fans & let her do it anyway-in hopes that her name rakes in the $ @ the box office. Grrr! this sucks >: (

  • Chill people, the post says that Milley signedup to AUDITION for the part. If the casting people have any common sence then she probably won’t get the part. Now, if the casting people completely suck, or their going to try and get big names for the movie, then us fans are screwed.

  • WHY ARE U STUPID HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE DOING THIS TO US?!?!?!?!?!?! U ARE RUINING A PERFECTLY AMAZING TRILOGY WITH JUST ONE WHORE….MILEY!!! I HATE U HOLLYWOOD U JUST RUINED MY FAVOURITE SERIES!!!! why did they confirm it anyways????? hollywood should kno way better that the fans will be brutaly dissapointed and that miley is a horrible actress!!! i wish the author herself got to choose who plays janie because on her website she says she has NO control watsoever!!!!

  • well…that ruined the whole movie >:( i’m boycotting every movie that miley cyrus is cast in, that sucks cause i was lookin forward 2 this movie :(

  • oh god! NO! NOT HER! MILEY CYRUS!!??
    you got be kidding me?? i can’t be more agree with you guys ;P
    she’s a shitty actor and i cant picture as Janie, and ruin the movie with her in it?? seriously!?

  • miley is alright though, i haven’t read the books. :L

  • NOOOOOO!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?! geezus they completely ruined to movie before it even started! Actually, ‘ruined’ is an understatement to what Miley has done to the movie. goddammit.

  • why miley has to star in every YA books? first Wings which she looks nothing like the character and now Wake 2?
    Are you guys 2 busy so decided to treat someone’s book(which requires years of hard work) like crap?
    i don’t hate miley and in fact i love watching hannah montana but she just not janie! Janie is shy and she is not!
    and i may puke if i see her in janie’s glasses

  • thank god she’s not clary in TMI or i will seriously kill somebody.
    i just hope the next movie the ‘ miley viruses’ attack is not hunger games.
    I MEAN IT, man. DON’T!

  • i dont know if miley will be able to really get into janies head and pull it off- but her disney shows were for a younger audience than the book series. i think she kinda looks the part in the pic thats posted but im still a little annoyed that she was cast…and not to mention shes also going to be Laurel! now THATS a disaster!

  • I don’t think this is a good idea because I see Miley in more southern movie.
    I highly doubt that she will be able to pull this off…

  • what on earth did i do to deserve this?!?!!?!???!!?!?!?

  • Miley is a great actress and she will do fine in the role. She was great in the role of the Last Song and we will see how she does. I love this series and I think Miley could pull it off. Stop with the rumors and all that crap the media puts out. We dont know if Miley really is like that. I thnk she’ll do fine! Im excited!!! :)

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