Love Foolosophy #4


In the lead up to Valentine’s Day yaReads is talking all things LOVE. In love, out of love or not a fan of love, we’re hearing from different people every day to get their thoughts on the touchy feely subject.

Long Distance Relationship

Dragana and her boyfriend Misha have been in a long distance relationship for over half a year. Being hemispheres apart can be difficult but they’re committed to making it work and are counting down the days when they get to see each other again.

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be especially difficult for those in long distance relationships and Dragana shares her thoughts on the subject….

Now that you’re dating how do you feel about Valentines day?

Valentines Day is just another day for me, I just see it as a day for overall love, there is nothing personal there for our relationship, I don’t feel the need to have one day where everyone celebrates it. We have our own special dates throughout the year, and I think every couple should celebrate their individual special moments which is what has made the relationship to where it has come. Each relationship is unique compared to the next.

How does it compare to what you used to think about it when you were single?

Valentine’s Day was a huge deal while I was single, I just used to think about it and the fact that once again I was alone, there was no real meaning to it, its extremely materialistic. It was more of a day to celebrate with your friends, I guess any type of love.

What’s the best part about being with someone?

The best part is that you have that special person who you love, and they love you, they are in your life and you can’t imagine life without them, they are always there for you, through the good and the bad times, for us its like having a best friend and the love of your life in one.

What’s the hardest thing about being in a long distance relationship?

The hardest thing is not being able to be there for eachother physically, the relationship then becomes much stronger on an emotional level, but it breaks your heart when you need them the most and they are not there to hold you.

Do you have any advice for other couples in that kind of relationship?

My advice is that if two people truly love eachother enough and are meant to be together, then no amount of distance could ever ever stop them from being together. Nothing is impossible.

Describe your relationship in three words

In just three words… Loving, Caring and Passionate.

Do you agree with – “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?”

Yes, ofcourse I agree with all my heart, finding love is the most precious gift you could ever have, and to never be able to have it or feel it would truly be a huge loss in a person’s life, more of a loss than losing it.


Thanks Dragana!

Book Recommendations
In a long distance relationship? In a relationship with big obsticles? These books are for you…

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
Matched by Ally Condie – what more difficult than a whole government conspiring against you being with you one you love?
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants – Love this book! (and the sequel) Friendship, love, summer, and a pair of pants. Look out for Lena and Kostos in this one

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