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January 24, 2009 posted by Nikki

Libba Bray Contest!

Love contests? Well here’s one that you might really get into. Libba Bray, author of the popular Gemma Doyle trilogy, is hosting one over on her LJ page. Check out the details:

I am currently writing a vampire short story for an anthology. I know! Vampires–it’s never been done before! We are really on the cusp of something new and exciting here, I think, peeps. I mean, sure, there’s that obscure Twilight book, but honestly, who’s read that, right? Anyhoo, it’s a cool anthology with people like Holly Black and Cassandra Clare and Cecil Castellucci and yours truly. I am having a lot of fun writing my little rock-n-roll vampire story. But I have a problem: I can’t seem to come up with a name for my main character or any of the characters really. Nothing that’s sticking. Nothing that feels right. Quel tragique! So why not offer you guys the chance to be characters in my story?

Okay. Here’s how it breaks down.

1. You must create something inspired by The Gemma Doyle trilogy. This can be anything you like: Art. Movie trailers. Parodies. Dramatic reenactment. Musical or song. You can do a fanmix of songs inspired by the books. Icons, banners, wallpaper, buttons, postcards. A vlog talking about the books. Photography. Get creative. Go crazy. Have fun.

2. You must post the entry in a place where it can be publicly viewed: DeviantArt. Amazon. Booksense. iTunes. Flickr or Photobucket. YouTube. You know, the usual public viewing suspects. Posting it on your blog doesn’t count. Must be public.

3. You must post to the link on my LJ ON THIS BLOG ENTRY ONLY. got it? THIS BLOG ENTRY ONLY. That way we’ve got a central locale. If you post it elsewhere, it will be disqualified. All together now: POST ONLY ON THIS BLOG ENTRY RIGHT HERE.

4. The contest will end on Friday, February 7th. I will choose the winners pretty promptly (since this story is past due…) and announce them the following week. All winners will, of course, get signed copies of the books when they are available down the road. But also, you’ll have a walk-on role in a vampire short story. How cool is that?

5. There are five female characters and four male characters. So, guys, it’s not just for the ladies. Suh-weet.

For more info, click here

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  • Ok I dont quite understand this so Im going to try this.Please read and tell me how good or bad it is.

    this story is from Gemma Doyle’s daughters point of view.She also has the power to enter the realms only the power is different.She holds all the power of everything.realms,winterlands and beyond.There are more realms and everything.
    Emma Doyle
    16 years old
    being sent to spence

    A Spirts Hope

    Today I am to be sent away to a school of girls.Girls where you have to lie about the simplist things,or laugh at the dullest jokes.A school that my mother warnes me about every day of my life.Spence.

    My mother lived a short time period of her life here,but in this short time my mothrs life was changed forever.This was the school where my mother Gemma Doyel found out the secret truth of her mothers false life.My mother is an overseer of a magical land called the Realms.

    The realms is a magical place were your dreams come true.My mother and her friends,Felicity Worthington and Ann Bradshaw,changed their lives by using my mothers magic.Together they reopened the realms,defeated circe,solved a long time going mystery, and changed almost everyones lives for the better.

    please e-mail me at for help on topic. or explaining it.

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