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September 23, 2009 posted by Nikki

Legacy Giveaway

This is a shout out to all our American readers. We’ve got an awesome competition coming your way. We’re offering three copies of Cayla Kluver’s new novel, Legacy, to our American readers only.

Never heard of Legacy before? Then here’s a quick synopsis for your reading pleasure:

An an award-winning YA fantasy debut, 16-year-old novelist Cayla Kluver brings a magical touch to an unrelentingly suspenseful coming-of-age tale. Duty-bound to wed her father’s choice in successor to the  throne, Princess Alera of Hytanica believes that she is being forced into the worst of all possible fates—a marriage to the arrogant and hot-tempered suitor, Steldor. When a mysterious boy from enemy Cokyri appears bearing secrets and an entirely different view of what’s appropriate behavior for a young lady, Alera learns that her private desires threaten to destroy the kingdom. When Narian’s shocking past comes to light, Alera finds herself in a shadowy world of palace intrigue and ancient blood feuds, facing an uncertain future with dwindling options—and must learn to decide between right and wrong all alone. Marked by witty, rapid-fire dialogue and dramatic complexity that belie the writer’s age, Legacy brings a fresh, new sensibility to age-old questions of duty and inheritance and to a young heroine’s quest to find her true voice. Legacy was Bronze Medalist in Young Adult Fiction in the 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards; Finalist in Young Adult Fiction in the National Best Books Awards 2008, sponsored by USA Book News.

To enter, simply leave your name in the comment box below. Competition closes on October 10, 2009. Please do not enter unless you live in the United States of America.

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  • Kelsey Sutton! Thanks for considering me.

  • Sounds great!


  • Looks great!!
    – Kayla Pinney


  • Looks like a good book!!!

  • I would love to win a copy of this!



  • Cool. Cool.


  • Sounds wonderful! Thank you

  • Julie!!

  • Great sounding book! Would love to read it!

  • Jen

  • Sounds good:D

  • I would love to be entered. :0)


  • sounds like an awesome book. would love to get the chance to read it!!!

  • I’d love to be considered for this one!!


    mmillet at gmail dot com

  • This book is on my Wishlist. It looks really good! I’m anxious to read it, so count me in. Thanks!

  • Stacie Davis here! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • count me in please

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  • Sounds amazing. Add me to that list.
    Kristen Thompson

  • Count me in, please!


  • How upsetting. This book isn’t even available in Canada:(

    Good luck to the winners:D

  • I would just love to win this book! Count me in please.

  • Ooohhh — sounds like a great read! Please enter me. Thank you!

  • Erika T!

    Sounds awesome!

  • Please enter me.

  • Looks like a winner! Please count me in! Thanks.

  • Please count me in. Thanks for the chance.


    Kenia Rojo

    Count me in!
    Thank you!

  • Please enter me. I have been wanting to read this.

  • Shawna L.

    Oh I do so want to read this book your review was wonderful. I have been reading all the reviews?interviews on this book & think that it is a MUST read book for me so thanks for this amazing chance to win it!!!

  • Yay this book sounds great!

  • Oh I like to win this one.

  • This looks like a cool book.

    sfinxeye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Please enter Elie N

  • its cool that shes so young

  • Mary Jane Chen!

  • Nicole Van Divner!!

  • YAY!! Thanks. Pamela Shockley

  • Sounds good. Please enter me!!

  • Please enter me. Thanks!

  • Please please enter me and hope I win

  • thanks!

    jamie horspool

  • I really hope I win. THe book seems interesting XD

  • I would love to read this!

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  • yup sounds good

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