Leap of Faith Blog Tour: Interview + Excerpt


5418337Jamie Blair is the debut author of Leap of Faith! Leap of Faith arrived in stores on September 3rd, so make sure that you go and grab your copy today. You can find more about Jamie Blair here. And make sure to go enter to win Leap of Faith and other goodies from Jamie Blair here.

Can you tell us about your book, LEAP OF FAITH, in 10 words or less?

Girl takes infant sister to give her a better life.

Was it ever stressful or difficult for you to write about teen parenthood/child abduction?

No, because the story isn’t a traditional abduction or teen parenthood story. It’s more focused on sisterly love and the bonds between mother and child, even when the mother isn’t the birth mother, but actually the sister.

Faith’s mom was obviously a horrible person. One thing that really stood out to me was that she named her 17299264daughters Hope and Faith. Was there some significance behind that?

Just a hint of irony and a fitting name for Faith since she embarks on this seemingly impossible journey to make a better life for herself and her sister.

Will there be a sequel? Are there any details you can give us,  yet?

No details on that yet, but it’s a possibility. The ending isn’t the original ending, but an author has to sometimes go along with what an editor would like. So, there is a more finite ending for Leap of Faith that I’d like to put out as a follow up. No definite plan for that yet, though.

What message do you want your readers to take away from Leap of Faith?

That not everything is always one hundred percent right or wrong. There are shades of gray in every situation.

If you could cast anyone to play some of the main characters in Leap of Faith who would you choose?

Michael Pitt looks like Chris to me, even if he is 10 years older.


And Ellen Page has the “any girl” look that I imagine for Faith.


What 2014 debut book are you most looking forward to?

There are several, but these authors I’m so excited to see on bookshelves because I’ve had the honor of “being along for the ride” online as the books were written, agented and sold. A couple I got to read early drafts of.

Pretending To Be Erica – Michelle Painchaud

The Wicked We’ve Done – Sarah Harian

17 First Kisses – Rachael Allen

Winterkill – Kate Boorman

What is currently in your TBR pile?

Too many to list!  I’ve been busy writing the past year and missed all the new releases.

Read below for an excerpt from Leap of Faith!

The bangbangbanging of Mom’s headboard against my wall needs to stop before my head explodes.  I’m exhausted and wish he’d just leave so I can sleep.  Of course Mom’s bed has to be shoved right up against the other side of my wall.

I roll my eyes and take a deep breath, pulling the covers up higher around my neck.  After a few minutes, her door creaks open and he comes out shirtless, his stained t-shirt dangling from his fingers.  She’s wearing a dingy terrycloth robe around her skeletal-thin body.  I squeeze my eyes closed and roll over, trying to block out the sound of their voices.

Disgusting.  I’ll be shocked if I ever have a normal sex life.  My ex, Jason, says she’s scarring me in some kind of sexually repressive way.  He’s probably right.  I’ll be a virgin forever.

Sex isn’t dirty, Faith, he whispered on our last night together while trying to slide my jeans down over my hips.  You’re not your mom, and I’m not some random guy.  I love you.

Didn’t matter.

I wouldn’t do it.

The chain on the front door slides, then rattles against the wood frame as it dangles and the door is tugged open.

“Bye, hon,” Mom says.  I hear her lighter flick to life.  Her voice is already raspy from everything she smokes.  “Cross your fingers.”  She laughs, and I picture his sausage-sized fingers crossed.  His feet must be back in his boots, because they tromp out onto the stoop.  “Tell Angel hi for me, and have her cross her fingers, too!”

The door closes, and she lets out a “whoop!” of excitement.  “Faith, honey, you asleep?”  Her bare feet patter to my bedroom door and she flicks on the light.

I flip over and glare at her.  “Oddly enough, no.”

She rubs a thin stack of twenties between her thumb and finger.  In the dark hallway, the cherry at the end of her Marlboro Light glows in her other hand.  “It’s a shame Dave and I had to try again.  Knocking me up is getting expensive for him.”  She laughs and fans herself with the cash.  She’s been pregnant for three weeks, but is milking him for all the money she can before telling him.

He might be drug-dealing scum, but he and his girlfriend, Angel, don’t deserve to be lied to.  They just want a baby.  They couldn’t have picked a worse person to be their egg-donor-baby-carrier.  Mom will do anything for money, and she comes cheap, well, cheaper than the traditional route.

Throwing my blanket back, I shove off my mattress on the floor and stand up.  The worn, shit brown carpet feels gummy under my bare toes as I walk toward her.  “Give me that.”  My hand darts for her smoke.

“Don’t be stupid.  My mother smoked with me.  I smoked with you.”  She throws her hand behind her back, out of my reach.  The back of her hair’s matted and sticks out in all directions.  It reminds me of a dog’s butt after it scoots across the carpet.