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knight's apprenticeKnight’s Apprentice: Knights of the Immortals (book 1) by Catrina Taylor

Genre: YA Scifi, Alternate Reality, Space Colonies

Published May 24th, 2015

61 Pages

Published by Midnight Rose





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Life altering reality, hidden in plain sight.
Ralph has a problem. The Grand Council of Atlantis, the council who rules the twelve hominid tribes, has chosen his apprentice for him. This unusual move has one obstacle. She doesn’t know what it means to be Atlantean.

Cerita Guzman is the oldest child in a struggling, single parent home. She doesn’t have time for world shattering reality to interfere with life. She has work, school, siblings, her mom, the house and now, of all things, Atlantis wants her time too. How is that even possible?

James has lived among the homo-sapiens, on the surface, for most of his life. He’s training though, to serve his people in Atlantis. His heart is torn when his master knight requests him to bring in the young woman selected by the Grand Council to train with him. She’s in a lot of his classes. She’s beautiful. She’s human.


When Atlantis calls, he listens.

As Cerita resists the call to serve Atlantis, James must find a way to help her accept the truth about the world around her, about herself. He does. He forces her to activate her internal nanites. She’s forced to accept whole new hominid species exist. If that’s not enough, she’s also forced to accept she’s one of them, when her nanites come to life, and she opens a wormhole into space.

Join Cerita, James, and Ralph on the first adventure into the world of Atlantis. Knight’s of the Immortals is a Young Adult Scifi – Adventure that’s loved by readers of all ages. Knight’s Apprentice is free. Download it so you can start reading it today.

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About the Author:


A unique author with a passion for her family, Catrina Taylor is in love with the written word. As an avid reader she finds her mind enjoys the worlds created uniquely in Fantasy, Science Fiction and various crossover genre. As an author, she most often plays in a universe of her own creation.

Introducing us to the imaginary worlds of Xarrok and Atlantis, she has hooked readers, waiting to see where her imagination takes us next.

When she is not playing in the universe of her mind, she is playing with her children who she encourages to follow her passion for words, and excel in every area they show interest. In fact, this talented word smith finds that life through their eyes is a constant lesson in self discovery, happiness, and curiosity.

Inspired by her everyday world of family, infused with an unquenched curiosity, and gifted with the ability to take us to places we could never have imagined, Catrina Taylor is an author who promises to keep you fully immersed in a world of wonder and intrigue, waiting for more.

Top Ten Tribes of Atlantis – Knights of the Immortals

There are actually twelve tribes in Atlantis, for now, but only ten are considered imperial tribes. These imperial tribes are all in line to hold the seat of emperor or have already done so in an agreed upon rotation several millennia ago. Knights can come from any of the imperial tribes and guides can come from any of the twelve tribes. Each of the imperial tribes are the ones homo-sapiens view as immortal. The shortest lived of these tribes is 200 hundred years and the longest is 400.All of this in mind, it’s time to talk about the 10 Empiric Tribes of Atlantis.

1 We’ll start with the one tribe that contributes a fascination for all things homo-sapien. The goblins enjoy more than a passing fascination with the homo-sapien world. They know all things popular, when it’s popular and horde human treasures when possible. Their contribution to the Atlantean society is that they know when the surface world is safe for new discoveries and knowledge. Did you think the knowledge of the universe was unraveled by humans? Okay, it was, but they were given a nudge here and there by the Atlantean world they know nothing about. We can thank the goblins for watching the surface dwellers and informing different scientists able to influence the knowledge base. The most impressive aspect about all of this is that these are the men and women who pass the least among the homo-sapien world. They stand no more than four feet tall, with bald, or balding heads and pale, almost grey skin. Somehow that doesn’t stop them from many successful trips to the surface. Among their favorite source of information are the conventions that have popped up in the last century.

2 The tribe we’ll discuss next is the gargoyles. Gargoyles have long been a myth of stone creatures during the day and so much more overnight. Some myths claim these creatures are evil, while others claim they are protectors. The reality in Knights of the Immortals, is that Gargoyles are simply hominids with a problem. Everyone of their species has a narcoleptic reaction to the sunlight. Due to the density of their physical structure, they don’t fall over as some might believe. Instead, these people find themselves stuck in whatever position they were in when that time of day arrives. With a paler complexion during the day, it’s easy to see where the idea of stone creatures came from.

3 Wer-cats are a hominid species known for exceptional balance, speed, keen senses and a hyper sex drive that only activates once every two years. That’s far more often than most of the other imperial tribes. This is one of the few species that actually find the physical contact of intimacy emotionally appealing. But their greatest asset is the natural fur on their bodies. It protects them from many of the elemental changes other planets offer. When they have to blend with the sapien world above, and use their nanites to withdraw their natural state, they are often uncomfortable and less coordinated without it.

4 Wer-wolves have a strong pack mentality. They know they are stronger together and found this was their best protection before Atlantis. This tradition hasn’t left them even several millennia later. At times, the pack mentality is so strong that a small group of families will take themselves to the surface to raise their families as traditionally as possible, apart from the sapien world. These smaller packs still answer to the imperial traditions of the continent below the ocean waters, but their pack is everything.

5 Vampyre are well known as being blood suckers, killers, arostractic seducers of human kind. That’s not far from the reality of the vampyric history. After the second time the continent sank, around 7490 BCE on our calendars, some vampyre established a network of covens for their own purposes. Knowing they had an inability to naturally generate enough red blood cells to sustain themselves, those members of the coven committed to superior blood and superior positions. During the dark ages in europe, it took very little for a vampyre to appear and take rulership of an entire kingdom within their lifetime. This led to homo-sapien blood as a superior option for substituting their own red blood cells. Drinking it wasn’t the ideal choice, but for the longest time their eye teeth were the only way to get the blood to blend with their own. That all changed though, after many millennia of research. There is now a temporary process of specified nanite injections that allow the vampyres of Atlantis to be free of the need for outside blood. There have been other treatments over the centuries, but none as perfect as this one. But that’s a spoiler for book five of this first season.

6 Elves are a strictly traditional species. Due to their traditional nature there came a division among them. These aristocratic, humble peoples found both a draw to nature among them, and a draw to their most humble origins. They live by strict codes and when the draw to all nature called a portion together the land elves formed. They are farmers, herders, ranchers and with minimal adjustments they can often pass among the sapiens above, sharing their innate knowledge of the life cycle of the earth, livestock, and crops. Their lives are among the most fulfilled of the elvin lives. Each one recognizes their place in the course of things, and each one accepts the closely guarded traditions as necessary to preserve their people.

The most traditional of the elves found a way to keep themselves separate from the homo-sapien peoples and raised an island into the sky. It hovers above the clouds and out of the natural line of sight even for those in planes. These sky elves avoid contact with the sapien world unless deemed absolutely needed. During the time of the great cataclysm another group of elves emerged. The Dark Elves, originally they were a small group of families stranded in caves and upon the surface with vampyre families, they intermingled and developed into a subspecies of them both. Those who took the vampyric aversion to sunlight, among other things, were considered vampyre. Those who did not take the vamperyic deformities were considered elves. In time the dark elves, after living among their people again, came to find a dark forest among the elvin section of the continent below the ocean, there they developed the third separation. While a section of the elves live below the ocean, a section lives among the sapiens on the surface, and a third lives in the skies above, it is the elven peoples that keep traditions, individual identities and tribal connections alive. This tribe has taken it upon themselves to ensure all of the tribes know themselves and adhere to the things that keep their identity.

7 Once upon a time there was this beautiful woman who swam in the ocean. She beckoned to desperate sailors until they followed to their dooms. She was called a mermaid. When colonists and families fared the sea, women found themselves vulnerable to a male version of these horrible creatures. But the men and women who fueled this myth are nothing like that. Yes, they can breathe underwater. Yes they do move between land and sea with ease. No, they do not have fins or flippers. Women do not wear seashells and men do not go topless, all the time. Instead, they look a lot like homo-sapien or homo-supreme. They have the ability to breathe underwater and adapt to any oceanic pressure, if they move slowly enough. Because of their unique gift for being able to pull oxygen from water, even salt water, children begin swimming as soon as they are born.

8 Homo-supreme was originally believed to be an evolutionary step in the homo-sapien line. Time and research has since proven that supreme has several traits that make them distinct from sapien. They do not have a monthly reproduction cycle, for starters. Puberty is generally achieved much later in their teen, nearly early twenties, and they are physically equipped to adapt to new environments faster. While there are plenty of limitations, the supreme lungs can process oxygen from nearly any atmosphere, if given time enough to do so. Additionally, their heart pumps more blood, faster than a sapien heart and is a noticeable size larger than their nearest counterpart. These differences, combined with much longer life, nearly 250 years, leaves the supreme similar to the sapien on the surface, but far better equipped for the exploration and life of Atlantis.

9 Trolls are shorter, unsightly creatures who live in hobbles under the bridge and only surface to eat people. While there’s some truth in the myth, there was a time in this universe where trolls were forced to live beneath bridges to protect their families, they are not man eating monsters. While they are shorter in stature, and often wear more hair than a sapien or a supreme, they are far from outright unsightly creatures. Instead they are smyths, handymen, hard workers, and knowledgeable in all things they can do with their hands. Traditionally, they built the weapons, and eventually they became the builders of the gates that connect the wormholes. It was the mind of the elves that solved the programing to initiate it, and the contributions of the gargoyles made the first travel by wormhole possible. When Albert Einstein had lived long enough among the sapien world, it was a troll that created his body double for burial. They have done that for many who found their work gave them some level of notoriety. The merman was so happy to get home, he married the first woman he met, and she was a troll. Much shorter than he, and a touch more plump than his surface wives, the two continue to help Atlantis despite their age.

10 Dwarves and trolls can often get mixed up, but they are far from the same. Dwarves are believed to be close ancestors of the ancient hobbits. Their small stature, often smaller than trolls, and typically dark complexion lend themselves to the theory. Being unable to search the surface for the connection, many Dwarven Archaeologists have been dismayed by the theoretical nature of this aspect in their history. Dwarves are among the most relaxed of the tribes. Over time they have adapted to new opportunities, surroundings, and choices. Sometimes some will live on the surface, while their tribe always resides in Atlantis. The only thing truly unique about these people is that, as a whole, they do not leave earth. In history, there are a few that have and do, but they do so in secret. The elders don’t trust wormhole travel.

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