Interview with Olivia Rivers




Olivia Rivers is a high school student, a literary agent intern, and an obsessive-compulsive reader. She has a slight obsession with Kootenai County in Idaho, and she’s pretty sure life will always be awesome as long as Irish accents exist.

She lives with dysautonomia, a chronic medical condition affecting her nervous system. Portions of proceeds from her “Tortured Elements” series go toward supporting youth with dysautonomia.


Before I get started on these questions, I’d like to thank Nichole for inviting me to be the featured indie author for April. I’m quite honored, and I’m very excited to participate on this blog!


Favorite TV Show?

Psych. Yeah, I’m actually that dorky. 🙂

 Celebrity Crush?


 Biggest Pet Peeve?

I don’t really have any pet-peeves. I’m generally a very hard person to annoy.


One thing your readers don’t know about you?

My favorite book is “Redwall” by Brian Jacques. It is totally about sword-fighting mice, and I am totally unashamed.


Can you tell us about your latest book, Frost Fire?

In a nutshell, it’s about a girl who discovers she’s the one thing she’s been raised to despise. It’s loosely based around the plot of “Romeo and Juliet”. Ironically, I’ve never read Shakespeare.


What made you think about a human/mage living with demons? 

I just came back from a writers conference, and all the attendees were asking each other this question: Where the heck do we get our ideas? We never came to a consensus, however we did discover that we all have an irrational fear of being asked that question.


You’re a high school student. Where do you find the time to write? Does it interfere with your school work or social time?

Writing has pretty much overtaken my life. Not only do I spend an absurd amount of time writing my own novels, I also have two internships within the publishing industry.

However, I do my absolute best to keep up with my schoolwork. I’m well aware that it’s pretty much impossible to make a living off writing, so I try to put school first. I can’t say I always succeed in making it a priority, but I do my best. 

As for social time, I also make that a priority.


What’s next in the Tortured Elements series? What can we expect to see?16067459

At this point, I expect the Tortured Elements series to become a trilogy, and I’m currently working on the second book, “Fire Soul”. “Fire Soul” will probably come out sometime this summer. You can expect to see a lot more of Matti, and learn about his past.


Will any new characters be introduced?

 Yes, quite a few. However, only one new POV will be introduced.


Will a new love interest be introduced or it simply going to be Allai and Drake from the start?

I’m personally not very fond of love triangles, so Allai and Drake will be the only love interests within their relationship. However, you can expect to see a new relationship between Corinth and Matti in “Fire Soul”.


You also have a YA Fantasy coming out called Guardian. What’s that about?

You know how I just said I don’t like love triangles? Yeah, well “Guardian” features a love triangle. It’s a Young Adult Fantasy, and it’s about a girl who falls in love with the boy she was literally born to kill.


Are all of your characters based purely on imagination, or did you get your inspiration from others?

Purely imagination. I know some authors have great success creating characters based off people they know, but I personally lack that ability.


And when you finally have some down time to read for your own pleasure, what’s next?


Next on my reading list is “Angelfall” by Susan Ee. I’ve heard a lot about it, so I’m excited to read it!