Interview with Myra McEntire


Myra McEntire is the debut author of Hourglass, which will be available in May. Without spoiling anything, Myra took the time to answer a few questions and open up about what went into writing Hourglass.

How does it feel to publish your first novel? Is the publishing process everything you expected?

There are SO MANY feelings. There’s excitement and fear and that swoony first crush feeling – and anxiety and elation and worry. It’s so cliche, but roller coaster sums it up!
How did you come up with the idea for Hourglass?

I wish I could pinpoint the exact moment it became what it is, but it truly evolved as I wrote. Every time I sat down to write was an adventure, and because there were no expectations and I was writing for myself, I was willing to go along for the ride. I think that’s really important as a writer – following the story and the people in it.
I must say, too, that some of it was a conscious choice to avoid mimicking anything I’d seen before.
There are a lot of scientific explanations in Hourglass. Did you have to do a lot of research or did you get to make some of it up?

I did a TON of research. I can honestly say that everything in HOURGLASS is based on scientific theory, although some of it might be wacky scientific theory (and generally that’s where my imagination showed up and took over).
If you could have any one of the abilities you wrote about, which would it be?

The ability I’d want from this world hasn’t been introduced yet. Muahahahahaha.

Emerson is a very sarcastic and witty person. Are you or is someone you know that sarcastic?

I know no one that remotely resembles that description. And my edit button is perfectly intact, thank you very much. *wonders if you know I’m lying* *is thrilled that she could be considered witty*
What’s your favorite part of Hourglass?

When the glass falls through the piano. That’s when I knew I couldn’t walk away from the story.
Do you have any plans for a potential sequel?

I am actually working on it right now! Egmont bought two books when they bought HOURGLASS. I will also say that I have at least one more after that, possibly two, living in my head. We’ll see how it all goes! Cross your fingers!

Hourglass will be released on May 24, 2011. Myra McEntire can be found blogging at Writing Finally.

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