Interview with Keary Taylor


Keary Taylor is the independent author of the Fall of Angels trilogy and the standalone post-apocalyptic Eden. Not only does she successfully write and publish her own novels, but she also designs book covers for herself and other authors. Keary was kind enough to take the time and answer a few of my questions about her Eden. For more information, visit her website or check out her blog

How did you first come up with the idea for Eden?

I always feel like a nerd answering this, lol.  I was watching Star Wars III and there was this shot of Anakin and his new mechanical hand.  And I just had this thought “wouldn’t that be cool if he’d somehow grown that himself?”  And I just have a really overactive imagination cause things just kept evolving from there!

What significance does the name “Eden” hold?
I gave it that name because Eden is a place of refuge to the people in the book.  It was their safe haven.  So Eden just seemed fitting.
Eve is a complex character — her emotions have been locked away and she learns some shocking secrets about herself that separate her from everyone else. Was it difficult to get inside her mind?
A little bit at first.  But mostly because Eve is so different from the main character in my Fall of Angels trilogy, Jessica.  So switching from one way of thinking to the other was a little difficult.  But once I got into Eve’s head, it was kind of hard to get out!  Eve has such a strong personality, she has always felt incredibly real to me.
If you were in Eve’s position, would you pick West or Avian?
Haha, seems like if I answer this question, I might give the ending away!  But really, I would have picked different guys at different points in my life.  I love them both and they both have qualities that I admire.
Do you have a favorite character?
Oh man, I don’t know if I could pick just one.  Eve was fantastic, I felt so powerful being in her head, haha.  Avian was fascinating to me, West always made me smile.  And there’s this character at the end of Eden, named Royce that I had a lot of witty banter conversations with in my head.  Does that make me sound crazy?…
What made you decide to self-publish your books?
This answer is a long one, but the short version of it is that I got tired of getting rejection letters.  I still believed in my books so I decided “why not” and went for it!  Obviously things have worked out since I make a full time living writing and have sold over 40,000 books this year!
What are the advantages to self-publishing?
The control!  I decide everything from release dates, what the covers look like, everything.  I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck (besides fans, which is great!) and I can do what I really want to do.  I love it!
Which authors inspire you?

There are so many.  I have to say first is Stephenie Meyer.  I have a lot of respect for her.  Also authors like Andrew Davidson, Veronica Roth, Ally Condie, Amanda Hocking, and so, so many others.  There are some amazing people in this industry!

Thanks, Keary! Eden is currently available at local bookstores. You can follow Keary on Twitter and don’t forget to read our review of Eden.

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