Interview With Claire Merle


Claire Merle is the author of The Glimpse. You can find out more about Claire at her website and/or her blog. You can find my review for The Glimpse here.

Let’s start out with some ice breakers:


What is your worst habit?

Ignoring the housework, especially that pile of washing in the tumble dryer.

 Biggest pet peeve?

 Rudeness. Never necessary, is it? 

Favorite animal?


Chocolate or Vanilla?

 Mmm. I was a chocolate girl, but turned into vanilla after getting married. Does that mean something?

 Now let’s get down to business:


On your website you said that there will only be two books in The Glimpse series. What on earth do we have to do to make it three?!

 Ha! Thank you. That’s so kind! I have 2 other very different books on the burner though, and I’m really excited about getting to work on them once I finish editing The Fall. I love variety and developing new characters so no number three for now. Sorry!

 You have concerns regarding children being prescribed medications for their behavioural problems. Do you mind sharing your opinions on this subject?

 My biggest concern is the side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs (aka medication) are nevertheless drugs. The side effects can be dangerous and devastating. For example, Ritalin, an stimulant commonly prescribed for ADHD, requires an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) ‘black box’ warning, which means the medical studies have indicated the drug carries a significant risk of serious or even life-threatening adverse effects. A drug like Ritalin (which is mainly prescribed to children) may also lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. Another major problem I have in this area, is that diagnosing behaviour disorders is a very subjective process. There’s no blood test. There’s no brain scan. It relies on what parents and teachers tell a doctor, or medical observation over a very small amount of time. And finally, there’s the problem that when medication becomes the first port of call, people tend to overlook other things that could be causing the problem – from family life, stress, diet, allergies, hormone imbalances, education issues etc. What will the long term effects be on individuals and society with millions of children growing up on drugs?

Who was your favorite character in The Glimpse?

 Varies depending what mood I’m in. Actually, it’s very hard to have a favourite, because I generally love all my characters. If a character isn’t fun to write, then either I change them or I get rid of them.

What can readers expect from the second novel?


The Fall jumps in where The Glimpse left off, and the stakes are higher than ever as Ana’s struggles no longer simply affect her own life, but the lives of millions of others. Her risks to unravel and expose the truth about the Pure test, bring her to the attention of a powerful woman, Alexandria Knight. Alexandria Knight, the Chairman of the Board, has dark secrets and a sinsiter plan; a plan that Ana has been unknowingly tangled up in, right from the very beginning.


Readers can expect lots of action and plenty more romance! I’m very excited about The Fall!


You’ve said that you are currently working on  a “YA contemporary with a fantasy twist.” Can we squeeze any more details out of you about this?

 Ah, my agent is asking me the same thing! Hopefully, soon…

The cover of The Glimpse is absolutely gorgeous. Did you get any say on what it looked like?

 They came to me with a few ideas. But in the end, no.

 Can readers expect any future novellas that surround the other characters, such as Tamsin or Lila?

 Mmm, I can see you’re not taking no for an answer. I like that! You never know…

What is currently in your To-Be-Read pile?

 ‘Slated’, Teri Terry : Currently reading and loving it.

‘Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe’, Shelley Coriell

‘The Road’ Corma McCarthy

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, Audrey Niffenegger

‘Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles’, Marissa Meyer


Thanks so much for the unique and fun questions Nichole, and for interviewing me on your blog!