Interview with Amber Garr


Favorite drink? Wine

What is the first green item you see next to you? My lab notebook (boring, I know)

Favorite candy bar? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Thanksgiving or Christmas? Christmas


Can you tell us about your book, PROMISES?Promises revolves around Eviana Dumahl, a young mermaid being forced to grow up and accept her fate earlier than she likes. It’s about Eviana making choices and deciding to follow her heart or perform her duties to the clan. When she makes the wrong choice, her world changes drastically, and she is forced to rely on those she turned away from.


What inspired you to write PROMISES? I loved the folklore of the selkies, and the idea that a mermaid and a selkie have a forbidden love. So that’s where it began – with the opening scene of Eviana fighting with her mother because she doesn’t want to be forced to marry someone she doesn’t love.


If you could cast anyone to play some of the characters in PROMISES, who would you choose? I have a complete list posted at my Syrenka Series website, but I will tell you that my first one to cast was Kain – Alex Pettyfer please.


For those who have only read PROMISES, what can they expect next in the second book, Betrayal? A lot of betrayal! Just when you think you can trust someone, it will change. Eviana learns this the hard way and it sets the stage for how the series will end. You can also expect a new hottie to enter the picture and a return of an old one.


Why mermaids? Because it’s the closest I could come to being one! I’m a water girl in every way and although I love vampires, I decided to focus on a mythological creature that wasn’t so popular at the time.


There are a lot of mythical creatures in this book, how much research did you have to put into it? I did a fair amount on the selkies and various water sprites that appear throughout the series. And then I put my own twist on it. For me, everything has to make sense scientifically, to I tried to incorporate that into how the characters breathed or survived.


How long did it take to write PROMISES? I think I wrote the first draft in two months.


You have another book, TOUCHING EVIL. What’s that about? This one is also an urban fantasy and involves a clairvoyant protagonist who meets a whole slew of supernaturals she never knew existed (vamps, weres, half-demons, fae). It’s a murder mystery, paranormal romance, and detective novel all in one!


What are you working on next? I will be releasing an anthology of short stories called Furthermore in December. It’s a collaborative effort between me and five other authors and all proceeds will be donated to cancer research in honor of those we’ve lost. After that, I’m working on Book Two of The Leila Marx Novels and a new YA dystopian that recently jumped into my head.


What is currently in your To-Be-Read pile? I have books from Karen Amanda Hooper and Ali Cross up next on my list!