Interview with Amber Garr




Summer or Winter? Winter!! Although I never get to see them anymore.

Favorite Color? Blue

The Vampire Diaries or Merlin?The Vampire Diaries

Best movie you’ve seen lately?Argo

Weirdest Habit? I can’t eat the end piece or last bite of sandwiches/pizza/anything with an end!

Biggest Pet Peeve?People who don’t even try


Can you tell us about your book, Betrayal?

Betrayal picks up a few weeks after Eviana returns to the home she ran away from. She’s a clan leader now and is struggling to come to grips with what that means as well as deal with her fractured relationship with Kain. Her boyfriend is “taking some time off” and she’s receiving threats from Lucian Sutherland. In short…her life has been flipped upside down. And it’s not about to get any better. She’ll discover new things about herself and learn what it means to put what’s best for others in front of her own needs.

How long does it usually take you to write a first draft?

An average of two months. But it depends a lot on my work schedule and how much time I can squeeze in for promoting and marketing all of the already published books. It’s getting more challenging with each release!

What is the hardest part about killing off a character?13495244

Some are definitely easier than others. It has to fit the story – especially when it’s a major character (spoiler alert!). It’s tough. I did it in Arise and it made me cry each time I read and re-read the scene.

The main character, Eviana, seems to have a few good looking guys to choose from. What is her end decision going to come down to?

I’ve known for a while who she’d end up with, and I don’t want to give anything away! But it will come down to listening to her heart (cheesy, but you’ll understand what I mean).

The ending of Betrayal has a major shocker! What can readers expect from the third book?

More shockers, lots of action, and a funeral. The series comes to a close in a way that will hopefully answer everyone’s questions and leave them satisfied.

About how long did it take you to write Betrayal?

This was my fastest book – it took me a month to write. The story literally flew out of me and onto the keyboard. I spent about two days outlining and wrote every day after that. It was great!

Did you ever find yourself experiencing writers block? How do you cope with it?

Sometimes, although I don’t think it’s so much writers block as it is letting life getting in the way. It’s hard finding the time to write and if I take too long of a break, I feel like I have to go back over the whole book to remember where I am. I also get inspired when I read other books…even if it’s a different genre. I think it helps bring my brain back to the right mindset.

What’s a secret about Eviana that readers may not realize while reading the books?

I think Eviana is undeniably strong. She may not be there quite yet, but with all she had to deal with in a short amount of time…she’s been handling it pretty well.

Graham. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Graham. Obviously I’m in love. What was it like creating his character?

One of my favorites for sure! I’d go back over his scenes and smile every time. Who doesn’t like a bad boy? He’s one of those guys that you know you shouldn’t be into but it’s just too tempting. Graham wasn’t supposed to make an entry until this book…and I’m glad because he plays a very important role in Eviana’s life.

And what of Graham’s betrayal? Will Eviana ever forgive him?

Graham and Eviana are very similar in their struggles and I think that will be something she takes into consideration. With so many bad things going on, she’s going to need a friend. Even a misguided one.

Do you see yourself writing novella’s about the syrenka series in the future or is it officially over after the third book?

Short stories? Yes. A novella? I don’t know…maybe! As of right now, the series is complete at three books but I’m still in love with the characters so there will be more in one way or another!

What is currently in your To-Be-Read pile?

I just finished The Indigo Spell and am reading Kim Harrison’s Ever After (super awesome BTW). I also have several lined up including Tempest Rising, Beautiful Creatures, Coexist, and Anew.


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