Infinite Days (Vampire Queen, Book 1) – Rebecca Maizel


“For more than 500 years Lenah has been a vampire – a life of seduction, blood and destruction. But she is sickened by her dark powers and longs to be a human again. To feel the sun on her skin; the grass under her feet; the warm breath of a human kiss. But that requires a great sacrifice, for the soul of a vampire is not easily shed…”

When sixteen year old Lenah Beaudonte walked out into her father’s orchard in the 15th century, the last person she thought she’d encounter was Rhode Lewin. In a matter of seconds Rhode’s teeth have sunken deep into her neck and she too becomes a vampire.

Five hundred years on Lenah has risen to become one of the most ruthless and lethal vampires of her kind – and queen to her coven. However life as a vampire has driven her to madness and not even feeding on the innocent stops the feeling of pain and sorrow that comes with a vampire’s existence.

After begging Rhode to find a way to bring her human existence back she hibernates for a hundred years and wakes up to find he is successful – she is human. Her life is restored at the price of Rhode losing his own. Lenah must now blend into the crowd at Wickham – the exclusive boarding school Rhode enrolled her in and keep her new life a secret from her coven who will stop at nothing to bring their queen back.

The concept of Infinite Days is definitely unique in the flood of vampire stories already written.  I loved the insight we got into a vampire’s daily torment – being cut off from your soul, not being able to feel anything other than anger and despair – even a love bond isn’t enough to stop the pain of your existence. It makes you appreciate your own senses and humanity. At any given moment you can smell, touch, taste, hear your heartbeat, cry freely and love without restraint.

I loved flashbacks into Lenah’s life as a vampire and head of her coven and the flashes we got of her coven trying to find her in the present time. I also loved the idea of a badass vampire queen trying to adjust to the 21st century, but Lenah manages to do it with ease (maybe a bit too easily).

Most books lately have featured love triangles, but in Infinite Days, we’ve got a love pentagon, with not just one, but 4 guys vying for Lenah’s affection. Though her vampire loves, Rhode and Vicken (who I loved), made sense and were believable, her human loves, Justin and Tony, were not.

Tony is Lenah’s first friend at Wickham after her transformation, and he takes her under his wing and guides her around. A cute friendship is formed between them though Tony clearly feels more for Lenah than just friendship. Poor Tony seems to become just an afterthought in Lenah’s life once Justin becomes settled. As Justin starts actively pursuing Lenah, Tony is practically forced to come along to whatever Lenah’s invited to (“But only if Tony goes”) then is mostly ignored on said outings.

What killed this book for me was Lenah and Justin’s relationship, and since it featured so prominently it tainted the whole experience. Why? Because their love is based on nothing. All it took was a look on a sunny day – him being the gorgeous jock and her being the new, pale girl with an accent, and BAM, true luv for like, ever! Justin’s pursuit of Lenah (oh, while he still had a girlfriend) was almost at a stalker level, with him appearing around every corner, ready with a deep, searching gaze and an inexplicable want, no, need to make Lenah happy after seeing her sad in the rain. Geez.

Considering her previous relationships were with Rhode, her maker and Vicken, a member of her coven, who are smart, strong willed and passionate, Justin has the personality of a biscuit in comparison.

If you can look past Lenah and Justin’s relationship you will probably love this book, since I couldn’t, part one of this book was disappointing. Part two, the flashbacks and the ending were much better and made up for a lot of part one’s flaws. It’s got a great concept, well written and leads us into an exciting sequel.

Pages: 395
Publication Date: August 2010
Rating: [rating:2.5]

Teaser Quote: “The instant the sun rises, it also begins to set. The moment we are born, we begin to die. All of life is a cycle, Tony.”

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