Indie Author of the Month: James Matlack Raney


James Matlack Raney was born into an Army family and wandered through a number of misadventures while growing up all over the world.  By the time he was fourteen years old he had lived in Germany, Panama, Kenya, and all over the U.S.  Constantly living on the move often left James plenty of time to explore the world on his own, which is probably why he discovered a love of reading a developed a wild imagination to match.

Years later, after graduating from the University of Kentucky, James finally parlayed that love of reading and dreaming into heroes, villains and magic in stories of his own, including Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves.  When he’s not writing, James loves playing rock guitar, exercising, wishing he had a dog, getting lost in thought on long walks, going to the beach, and occasionally stumbling into a new adventure here or there.

Stay tuned for more information on James and his novel Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves.

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