Heir of the Fae (Dragon’s Gift: The Dark Fae #2) by Linsey Hall


Our fae courts are at war, yet we’re still fated.

My fated mate is the Seelie Fae king. He’s powerful, dangerous, and sexy as hell. Except, I don’t want a fated mate. Especially since he thinks I’m a lying snake. Turns out I’m Unseelie, and our courts are at war.

When my new Unseelie magic goes haywire and I nearly destroy my city, I can’t fix it alone. The only person with strong enough magic is the king. Which means I have to beg my mate for help. I’d rather chew off my own leg, but that won’t save Magic’s Bend.

As we work to save my city from falling into the center of the earth, the danger is greater than we’d realized. To find answers, we must risk a visit to the homeland that rejected me—the Unseelie Court. There, I must master my magic, or all is lost. In a place fraught with death and danger, we have only each other. And I don’t know if that will be enough.Heir of the Fae is the thriling continuation of the hit new release Trial by Fae.


Holy fates. Was this a fantastic second book in a series or what? If possible, I read it twice as fast as the first one. I think I finished it in less than 24 hours, and I’m a super slow reader. Any hesitancy I had in the first book went out the window completely. Heir of the Fae is full of action, power, romance, suspense, and surprise. I finished it last night, and I am still in awe!

Heir of the Fae kicks off with magic and power right away when Mari accidentally creates a giant fissure in her home town. She needs the help of the Seelie Fae King to mend the earth back together. Of course, nothing is as simple as that. With Mari’s new Unseelie powers going haywire, the King is unable to help her until she travels to the Unseelie Court to master her powers. Without her new powers able to help her, the fissure will just continue to get bigger and demons will crawl out of Hell to destroy her home town.

To say that the magic and suspense in this book are amazing is an understatement. I was on my toes from start to finish. I actually wondered if this was going to happen. Sometimes, especially in adult urban fantasy, the first book is kind of just ok and then the rest of the series skyrockets. It has happened with almost every single adult urban fantasy that I’ve read. This one is no different. Not only was the magic and suspense better, but the writing and the characters magnified 100%. This was, seriously, an amazing book. I can’t wait to get my hands on the second one.

The King. HOLY CRAP. The King! Ok, so I admit, I was a bit annoyed over Mari and the King in the first book. There were like 0 scenes between them. I couldn’t get on board with the Fated Mates crap, because I didn’t really feel the chemistry. I take it all back. He is now one of my new book crushes. I am hooked. They has sooooooooooo many scenes together. And they weren’t all ooey, gooey scenes. Their chemistry is off the charts – even when they’re ready to tear off each others necks. LOVE THEM. I can’t wait to watch their relationship evolve even further in the series.

I loved how this book took us more in Mari’s past and let us experience those events and people with her. I thought that it was really important for the storyline and added an extra element to the book. Also, the author wrote those scenes soooo well, that it would have been seriously lacking without them.

My only thing is that I wish the Unseelie Queen had been a little bit scarier. Or maybe that we got to experience her for a little bit longer. I feel like she’s such a big character in this series, and I wanted it to do her a little bit more justice. I have a feeling, though, that we will definitely see more of her in the next book. I can’t believe I have to wait until next month to get my hands on that book!

I don’t want to say too much, because I’m afraid that I’m going to give something away. All I will say is that you NEED to read this series! Unfortunately, I’m on a budget and can’t justify buying any more of her books until next month. Trust me, though, I will be getting some more! Such a great author! Go read her books!


Rating: [rating:4.5]