Happy Last Sacrifice Release Day!



Happy Last Sacrifice release day everyone! For those in the U.S. you’ll need to wait just a few hours longer (sorry!), but for those in Australia, like me, copies were available in store today.

I have my copy right here, it’s a gloriously fat 600 page book which I am dying to start reading later on tonight.

As with most big releases, please try to be considerate of others when it comes to posting spoilers on Twitter and Facebook. We spoke with Richelle just before release and she told us how she felt about this series coming to an end. Be on the look out for a review from us here at yaReads later this week.

Also on the topic of VA, while waiting in line for my boss’s coffee on the weekend (I lead a glamorous life) I spotted a tweet from Hollywood Crush @ MTV revealing the Vampire Academy spin off series will be titled “Bloodlines” set for release in August 2011.

Happy reading everyone! Can’t wait to discuss and hear your thoughts, best done over at The Forum

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