Guyaholic – Carolyn Mackler


V has had a pretty messed up life. Aimee – her mother – spent the first seventeen years of V’s life dragging her from one town to the next in search of love. But Aimee isn’t into the long-term commitment thing, and her and V were always running from Aimee’s romantic mistakes. Consequently, V hasn’t had any stability and she hasn’t made any real friends. But that was all before Brockport, before Aimee decided V would be better off living with her grandparents. Brockport brings with it a family kind of life, plus the chance for V to really settle in and make some decent friends. And lets not forget, a new town means a whole new set of boy prospects…

V loves guys, but she isn’t really a relationship kind of girl – just like her mother. So when things with Sam get hot and heavy and he starts throwing the couple word around, V defiantly finds someone else to make out with at their graduation party. They get busted, of course, and Sam leaves for college early without so much as a goodbye. Its out of character for V to feel remorse over something like this – after all, she tried telling him time after time that she wasn’t into the whole relationship thing – but something is different this time, and remorse eats at V from the inside out.

Instead of apologizing to Sam, like any normal person would, she runs. V hits the road and drives thousands of miles across the country to visit her mother. But Sam already left town, so what is V running from? She’s not sure, but driving on the open road is a great opportunity to look at oneself and work it out.

Why is V so afraid of a relationship? And why on earth did she go and do something like cheat on Sam? Sam didn’t deserve that, and V knows there were other, more appropriate ways for her to get her message across to him. It was the lowest thing she could have done…

As she drives across the country she realises that she’s a lot more like her mother than she first thought. She loves Aimee, but really, does she want to be like her? Aimee is selfish, irresponsible and incapable of caring about anything other than herself. Is it too late for V, or can she change?

V isn’t the kind of character that I’m normally drawn to. Guyaholic is a companion novel to Vegan Virgin Valentine, and that’s the reason I picked it up. I didn’t like V in Vegan, Virgin, Valentine and honestly, I didn’t really like her in this novel either. However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think it was a good read. Over the years, I’ve encountered hundreds of characters that I haven’t liked, and I’ve never really been interested in their outcome. V, however, is a different story altogether. Although I don’t agree with most of her choices, and I couldn’t see myself ever wanting to be her friend, I became whole-heartedly invested in her story. As I read, I found my stomach twisting as I turned the pages. Though I didn’t like her, I wanted things to work out for her and being inside her head wasn’t an unpleasant experience at all.

I’ve always been a fan of Carolyn Mackler’s work. Guyaholic only reaffirmed her brilliance for me.

Rating: [rating:3.5]

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