Guest Reviewer: Jennifer Rush


Jennifer Rush is the debut author of Altered. Jennifer writes, photoshops, has too many pens, not enough books, and just the right amount of kids. As an avid writer and reader, she kindly agreed to do a guest review.


Storm by Brigid Kremmerer

The very first time I heard about Brigid Kemmerer’s YA, STORM, I knew it’d be a book I’d devour. And I did!

I think the most important element savvy readers will be interested in is this: there are four hot brothers. Okay, perhaps not the most important, but it certainly didn’t hurt in attracting this reader. And while Kemmerer could have taken the easy route, and wrote four hot, but extremely shallow stock characters, she didn’t. All four boys are well drawn-out characters. They have weaknesses, and fears. Likes and dislikes. I enjoyed reading about all of them.

I think one of the strongest elements of STORM is the dual-POV. Kemmerer is successful writing scenes from two entirely different characters. The book opens with Becca, a strong-heroine with a complicated family life, who you immediately root for.

Then we hear from Chris Merrick, the youngest Merrick boy, whose family life is just as complicated, if not more so, as Becca’s. Chris’s parents are dead, and his oldest brother has had to take over the household duties.

And the Merrick twins. Oh those twins! I loved Nick and Gabriel! I found myself wanting more of them on the page, so I’m looking forward to their stories in the ELEMENTAL series.

When all of the elements come together in the end, you won’t be able to put the book down. You’ll want to know immediately who the villain is, and you’ll be dying to know Chris and Becca are safe. But more than that, you’ll be rooting for their romance.

Pick up STORM as soon as possible, and dive right in.  You won’t be disappointed.

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