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Hi everyone! Welcome back! I want to introduce you all to Corinne Foster, author of Secret of the Phoon. Corinne reached out to me awhile back ago about featuring her on YaReads. Honestly…how could I resist tempting you all with that cover? It is gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of the previews for Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. I hope you all enjoy the guest post that Corinne created for you!

Corinne lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK, with her husband and two dogs. Her two sons are now away at university. She wrote her first book on a spiral-bound shorthand notebook when she was twelve years old and hasn’t stopped since, though much of her work has remained as first drafts left in a cupboard. She has written film scripts and plays – one short film script ‘Peel and the Broken Boy’ is in production and due for release in early 2014, and a one-act play ‘Spirited’ is being performed as part of the Supernova VI festival in Havant, Hampshire, UK in February 2014.

The world of ‘Secret of the Phoon’

It starts with the Black Woods. There’s something about trees and the environment and atmosphere that they create. I wanted my woods to be friendly and helpful to those that they know and like, and scary and hostile to those that they don’t know.

The Phoon live in the Black Woods, in a kind of parallel universe, so you wouldn’t know they were there, you certainly wouldn’t see them, but you might sense their presence. The Phoon are a supernatural force, one that has been hidden for many years, and for good reason. When they do arrive in our world, they are deadly. They evaporate everything in their path. So they are only summoned when there is no alternative, to protect either the woods or the house that sits next to the woods.

This house, Domina, is another key element of this world. It is the home of a group of women and girls called the Unloved, and it’s the unnamed (4)leader of the Unloved, Avira, who has the responsibility of summoning the Phoon when it becomes necessary. Domina is a fortified mansion, like a small castle. It’s cold and draughty and even more hostile to strangers than the woods are. I love these old buildings that have been there for centuries. Like those huge old trees, they give you a sense of timelessness and permanence. When you think of everything that has happened in front of them over the years, and if you believe that they have been able to sense those things, you can see how they achieve that majestic presence.

As well as the Unloved, there is another element that links the house and the Black Woods, and these are the messenger birds. The Unloved are able to communicate to these birds and use them to carry messages. Some of the Unloved have an even greater level of skill than this, which proves invaluable on more than one occasion.

Why are they called the Unloved? It’s because they were not wanted by their families, or no longer wanted to live with them. There are only women and girls who stay in Domina, but they do go out and have fun, flirt with boys and, if they so wish, leave and live a more conventional life with a man and have children. But the men have to be special to cope with their abilities and their strength and confidence – they are too much for many of them.

I hope I’ve given you a flavour of the book, enough to tempt you to have a look at it. You can find it on Amazon/Kindle, Goodreads, iBooks and Smashwords.

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