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October 22, 2010 posted by Christina

Guest post by Brent @ The Naughty Book Kitties

Do Book Trailers Really Sell Books?

Hey, you guys! I’m Brent, and I blog over at The Naughty Book Kitties. The girls here at yaReads actually trust me not to offend 50,000,000 people, and asked me to guest post, so here I am! Talking about whether a book trailer can really sell a book.

To get to the point, I don’t really think they can. I mean, in the book world, us readers are all about exciting synopsises (I totally spelled that word wrong, whatever) and fresh new voices. Book trailers can people excited for the book, but I don’t think they’re all that effective.

For 1) Book Trailers aren’t played anywhere else except the internet. Yeah, that sure reaches a broad range of people, doesn’t it? <—Sarcasm! He he!

For 2) We love reading. Which means we’d rather read a synopsis than watch a synopsis.

Don’t  get me wrong, I love book trailers! I think they’re awesome, and fun to make. Occasionally, even I’ll make one. But do I think they’re useful beyond that? No.

Now, I do think they’re more useful when played on like, a major website or something. Penguin just did one for ‘The Penguin Five’ and it’s being played all over This trailer is fabulous, and most definitely effective.

So, in my opinion, book trailers aren’t all that effective, except for the exception! Which is above. :)

What do you think?

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  • The Beautiful Creatures book trailer sold me. I would never had read the book, much less any YA book after that, if it weren’t for the first book trailer. Now some trailers are terrible, and I don’t like the trailers with actors speaking (I still prefer picturing the characters in my mind), but that may just be me and the fact that I am a photographer and not a videographer.

  • I agree, I don’t think book trailers really sell books. They are just for our entertainment to make the book come alive. Trailers for movies are easy because all they have to do is pick a few scenes and put them together. You can’t do that for a book trailer because no one wants to watch a video with lots of words when they can just read the synopsis on another site. However there are some really good ones like the mentioned above.

  • Oh, I forgot to add, here is a book trailer that I REALLY loved:

  • I totally agree. I don’t even watch them, I find that they ruin my image of the book and influence my thoughts too much. I haven’t seen The Penguin Five trailer but I’ll watch it soon because you love it so much 😀

  • I agree. Trailers are not that effective and they’re usually pretty cheesy. I don’t even run into them that often, just occassionally. But do they make me want to read the book? It’s like watching the movie first. Then what’s the point in reading the book?

  • Personally, I LOVE book trailers. Watching book trailers is the only thing that basically gets me to want to read the book because I LOVE when books get turned into movies. I don’t watch TV so it’s kinda cool to watch book trailers online instead. Especially vampire books, im addicted! I’m certainly working on my own book and I want it to be amazing but everytime I write I always wind up erasing it because I don’t feel right about it. Anybody else feel that way too? It makes me angry. Also, I feel kinda bad whenever I visit this site because of all the books you guys are reading. I read whatever is at my school library because I owe alot to the public library and were practically poor so my mom wont pay it or take me there and wont buy me any books. Also, I don’t know what im going to do because I recently became home schooled and that means NO SCHOOL LIBRARY? :( I wish I had tons and tons of books. I go crazy when I dont have anything to read. I gave up TV for books and I just can’t quit reading. Btw, im 14. :)

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