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Do Book Trailers Really Sell Books?

Hey, you guys! I’m Brent, and I blog over at The Naughty Book Kitties. The girls here at yaReads actually trust me not to offend 50,000,000 people, and asked me to guest post, so here I am! Talking about whether a book trailer can really sell a book.

To get to the point, I don’t really think they can. I mean, in the book world, us readers are all about exciting synopsises (I totally spelled that word wrong, whatever) and fresh new voices. Book trailers can people excited for the book, but I don’t think they’re all that effective.

For 1) Book Trailers aren’t played anywhere else except the internet. Yeah, that sure reaches a broad range of people, doesn’t it? <—Sarcasm! He he!

For 2) We love reading. Which means we’d rather read a synopsis than watch a synopsis.

Don’t  get me wrong, I love book trailers! I think they’re awesome, and fun to make. Occasionally, even I’ll make one. But do I think they’re useful beyond that? No.

Now, I do think they’re more useful when played on like, a major website or something. Penguin just did one for ‘The Penguin Five’ and it’s being played all over This trailer is fabulous, and most definitely effective.

So, in my opinion, book trailers aren’t all that effective, except for the exception! Which is above. 🙂

What do you think?

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