First Chapter of Demon’s Covenant Released!


Demon’s Covenant, sequel to Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan has been released today! Check out the official news and chapter here at her LiveJournal account:

Here’s a small excerpt:

Rachel and Erica didn’t know anything about what had happened last month. They still thought she’d run off to London with her poor misguided brother on some crazy impulse.
Her mother thought that too, which was why Mae had been grounded for two weeks, picked up outside school in Annabel’s car like one of the younger kids who ran from school to car frantic to exchange one cage for another.
Mae closed her eyes, more desperate to escape than any of them, and the dying street lamps and broken lane faded away. She remembered bright lanterns flooding the forest with gold, dancing with an edge of danger so she wasn’t sure if she was sweating from exhilaration or fear, and black eyes on hers.
She’d seen magic. And now she’d lost it.
She wasn’t thinking about that, though. She was finally out for the night and she was going to have a good time. She was going to see Seb, and she wasn’t going to think about anyone else.

There was a clatter and movement in the shadows. Mae jumped and Erica grabbed her arm, five sharp fingernails biting like a small scared animal.

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