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May 11, 2009 posted by Nikki

Evermore – Alyson Noel

For Ever, life at Laguna Beach is anything but sun, fun and living the Californian dream. Ever hides her slimline figure and pretty face under baggy jeans and hooded sweatshirts so she doesn’t attract any unwanted attention, or any attention at all, in fact. You see, Ever is in mourning. She lost her entire family in a car accident the year before and doesn’t think she deserves the second chance she was offered. Why not her? Why them? Why did they have to leave her behind like this?

To make things even more traumatic, Ever is seeing the ghost of her dead sister everywhere. They’re even having conversations. It’s a comfort for Ever, though, because it almost feels like Riley is still alive – even if she is in the whispy, non-corporeal sense. Something else is happening to Ever, too. She’s developed a kind of psychic power where she can see into people’s minds. But Ever knows it’s not polite to wade through people’s privacy like that so she does very little with her gift.

But then Damon comes along and things start to change. For one, she can’t see inside his mind at all, which is very strange indeed. But it’s more than that. Something about Damon is off. Ever notices this straight away but can’t seem to put her finger on it. The more time she spends with him, the more her imagination gets carried away and suddenly she finds herself contemplating all kinds of crazy things about him.

Damon is totally not what he seems. Or at least, he’s not what Noel wants you to think he is. He’s old – very old, in fact – he drinks a red substance straight from a glass at dinner, he keeps disappearing, he’s got loads of money, and he’s got books signed by authors that died a century ago. Sounds familiar, huh?

Well sorry to disappoint, but Damon is no vampire. He’s just a guy that has lived for a helluva long time. And apart from the mind reading stuff, his tricks are limited and fairly unimpressive. He’s not running from a big bad (not really) and he’s not a threat to Ever in any way. Where oh where is the conflict, I ask? This is no forbidden romance guys, so don’t go into it thinking it’s going to be all hopeless like Romeo and Juliet. It’s not. Not even close.

I know that there are hoards of girls out there that really got into this novel, but I found Ever so irrational and so whiny that being inside her head was just annoying. As I sit here and type this, I’m strapping on my protective armour and picking up my sword, because I know I’m going to offend masses of readers when I say that this book was average. In fact, I think the best thing about it is the beautiful cover art. I put it down three times before I forced myself to pick it up and keep reading. It took foooooorreeeeevvveerrrrrrrr to get started.

Having said that, I didn’t hate it, but I most certainly didn’t love it. I’m not even quite sure I liked it. If someone handed me the second one, I’d read it (or I’d at least give it a chance) out of sheer curiosity. But I’m hoping someone I know has a copy because I’m not forking out my hard earned dollars to acquire it.

On a final note I would like to ask why everyone is comparing this to Twilight? Why are people comparing every single novel that comes out these days to Twilight? There are no vampires present within the pages of Evermore, and the love story that plays out between Damon and Ever bares no resemblance to that of Bella and Edward. So I ask you, why oh why is this being compared to Twilight? In my personal opinion, the two don’t even really belong in the same genre. My two cents, though, and I’m sure others will have much to say about the issue.

Rating: : ★★½☆☆

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  • While i haven’t read this book i think i may know why everyone compares it to Twilight, because i must admit while reading your review the first book that came to mind was indeed Twilight.
    Not because of the vampires or anything like that, but the mind reading and Ever not being able to read Damon’s mind. Now like i said i haven’t read the book so i don’t know the reasons behind it why she can’t, but there you go.

  • I totally agree with everything you said in the review, I didnt think it was all that great either. Everyone compares everything to twilight these days if its a teen fantasy book its going to be compared to twilight.

  • Hm… I think I’ll still give this book a go, but so far, the books that you’ve reviewed so far are right on the money. And I also wonder why so many books are compared to Twilight…

  • I am constantly annoyed by the Twilight comparisons (and I, you know, actually LIKE Twilight). Wings and Wicked Lovely are both books I’ve read recently that have been widely compared to Twilight and both were VERY different. Like entirely different.

    Anyway, I may skip this book.

  • Everything nowadays it compared to Twilight. Sure there are a lot of vampire books with romance and stuff nowadays, but that’s what people like now. Besides, Twilight isn’t everything.

  • i read this book and i really enjoyed it!

  • i read this book, its was really good i cant wait to read blue moon! evermore i couldnt put it down and i read it in like a lil less than 2 days

  • omg i love twilight and all but at first when i did read this book i seriously thought it was just like twilight i mean they both had the same book Wuthering Heights, but in the end they were different but overall Edward is so much better than Damon!!!!! i love edward!!

  • I totaly agree with u on the twilight book
    it is nothing like it
    neither are the other vampire novels!

    i hate edward and the twilight books there badly wroten and the only reason poeple like the books now is becasue edwar is so ‘hot’… which h isnt

  • I agree. This book was so ridicilous that I find myself getting pissed off that I even read it in the first place.

    Do you know they are making this a TV show series?
    Who in God’s name would possibly sign to do a TV show for this book? And people wonder why shows get canceled.

  • I didn’t know that, but man – come on!!! I also heard that they’re making Vampire Diaries into a TV show. I agree, they better not axe any of the good shows to make room for them!

  • I totally agree with you.
    Ever is a very annoying character.
    I’m really glad that i didn’t actually spend money on it,
    just rented it from the library at my school. Curiosity is what made me finish it.

  • This book just took forever to get started and then once you get to the end is kinda of a last minute cram it all in and explain everything now that it’s the end of the story…And the author just gives no back ground info on how Ever and Damen met and why she is such a big deal for him to chase her around for centuries and their relationship is so hot and cold all the time just annoyed me…and i’m sorry but the truth be told it is A LOT like twilight with the only diference is that i felt nothing towards the male hero here i mean did Damen even have a personality? all i got was that he has beautiful (on the outside) since it’s a series maybe i’ll just have to wait and find out..i’m just not sure if it’s even worth it i was a bit disapointed with the first one

  • i really liked evermore i cant wait for blue moon!!!

  • and by the way carol mabe alyson noel is waiting till the second book to tell more about damen.

  • I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Damen is only an immortal. I mean, having tons of supernatural powers is a little sue-ish, don’t you think? But I am really glad he’s not a vampire for once. :)

    I didn’t find Ever super whiny, but I thought it was stupid how she’s so guilty about the death of her parents. Even after what Riley and Drina said.

    I didn’t completely love it, either. But I guess I liked it more that you did. I’ll definitely buy the second book. (But I hate how everything is a series these days, can’t authors keep it to one book?)

    Btw, Twilight sucks. 😉

  • i loved this book and
    nikki should just BACK OFF!!! thats her point of view and frankly, most of her reviews stink. i’ve read the second and now i cant wait until the third… But damen is really nice and sweet and i think the second better explains him…and ever although she can sometimes get on my nerves. But i still love the book, it was good so if your reading this you should go get your own copy, and ignore nikki!

  • hahahaha you think my reviews stink? Then why do you come here?

    But you’re right, it IS my opinion, which is why this is my blog. I’m entitled to my opinion too, you know.

    • I was gonna defend you from that comment……..but……….I can clearly see you don’t need any defending from me. You rock Nikki and I have loved all of your reviews and appreciate your opinions even if I might disagree. Although I have never actually once found myself disagreeing. 😀

  • I read the description of this book and found it fascinating, a totally original and unique approach. And then that was it. I’m actually quite angry…the idea of the whole “cycle and recycle” (that’s all I’m going to say in case I spoil it for someone who might actually want to read this horrendous book), seeing aura’s and hearing thoughts etc. is quite fascinating, but of course as with many YA books I’ve come a cross recently the writing is horrible. How it even managed to be published is beyond me.

    Oh and the characters? They were dry and one-dimensional, save for her little sister.

    Nikki, I’m surprised you actually gave it 2.5 stars…oh well.

  • I absolutely loved this book. My friend let me borrow it and I finished it in one sitting. Ever did get on my nerves at some points, but not enough for me to hate her character. I loved the fact that Damen wasn’t a vampire, it was nice to have a change from vampires. Plus if you picture him looking like Ben Barnes it makes the book even better. haha.

  • This is one of the only books I ever returned without finishing it. (The other one is Swoon by Nina Malkin). I never understand why so many people like this book.

  • I agree with your assessment of Evermore completely and feel pretty much the same way. Unfortunately, I bought the second book at the same time and I find I can’t even finish it. The writing in both is wooden and the characters are so cardboard I can’t work up any enthusiasm. And there’s an odd emotional disconect in Ever that seems to make it impossible for her to connect to the other characters or the reader. Spot on review.

  • I was expecting good things from this book, due to how everyone seemed to love it & the description which seemed pretty promising – unfortunately, it totally disappointed me. :(
    I mean, it wasn’t awful or anything, but I found the characters so ‘meh’ – Ever was nice but a little slow on the uptake, and Damon seemed to be all the things necessary in a hero except depth. Seriously, I really didn’t care about the guy at all.. and the pressure for sex thing is strange, since you’d think he’d be a little more considerate when Ever’s only 17.
    I started Blue Moon but again, I just didn’t care.. Shame really. (And btw, did anyone else notice the parallels between this and Soulmate by L.J. Smith? Girl who keeps being reincarnated for immortal guy only to be killed each time by his ex, then imprisoned in a cave near the end.. coincidence?)

  • I read this book and just finished it. It was amazing. For school we have to do book talks on a book we choose and i will be doing this one becuase i love it so much.

  • I really love twilight but this book is simular in some ways but you should not campare it to twilight because if u are going to do that you might as well not read anything else… i though this boo was really good it makes you want too read the next one and damen is soo dreamy x

  • I love this book soooooo much and i love twilight but i think that there nothing a like. Different in almost every way. They only thing that conects them is the fact that a girl ans a boy fall in love.

    I love this book

    Cant wait till the next

  • I loved this book! I have read it 5 times. I need to get “Blue Moon.” I also disagree with the review. It is nothing like Twilight. Though, it seems you guys are obsessed with Twilight to think that it does.

  • Honestly i really liked this book. The sequel was great, too. It really has nothing to do with Twilight, But if I had to pick a favorite, I would say Evermore

  • i love this book and think it is way better than twilight.

  • i realy liked twilight, i was obsessed for a while there…but now its kinda in the back of my mind. i hate how everything is compared to twilight, if i buy a vampire book everyones like TWI-HARD! wtf? can you believe they said that wuthering heights was bella and edward? i luv twilight but i dont think you should compare it to the classics!

  • well 1st of all its Damen not Damon hah sorry i just had to get that out.And also.Ever has the powers of nowing a persons entire life b a touch and she can see peoples emotional auras. except for damens! untill the next book or the 3rd i dont remember. i read this book and along with the next books; blue moon & shadowland. i personally think this book and the others were the best! maybe not to you because u maybe have read better books but its the best! i think you should maybe go for the next books. at least try them out & maybe ull like them i shure did. well anyways i dont think this really compares to twilight, well i mean im not really a fan of twilight. not those people that read all the books and are like team edward and team jacob. no. but i dont really find a similarities maybe that edward and damen have lived for a long time!? idk

  • Well, when i first heard about the book, i was skeptic, i really thought it couldn’t be that great. but when i started reading it, i changed my mind. the book totally got me hooked. i didn’t like, however, the re-curing theme of the girl being totally hooked on a guy she doesn’t even know. no girl, in her right mind, would get hooked so quickly. that’s just something that annoys the hell out of me. and as for everything being compared to Twilight, well that’s just annoying too. i read Wuthering Heights recently, and fount out people were trying to compare it to the Twilight Series simply because Stephanie mentioned it in the book, when Wuthering Heights and Twilight are nothing alike.
    this book was good though, much to my surprise, and i hope i get to read the second one very soon!

  • i thought it was average. It was an okay read. I don’t see the resemblance to twilight at all. I found myself quite disappointed that Damien was just an mega old man in a young shell. I was expecting more. Wish I had read this review before purchasing the book…would have instead got it from the library lol. I still can’t say i hated it though…it was okay lol

  • i didn’t like the story, ever’s stupidity was infuriating. i read it until the second book and did not bother reading the third. damen’s character was not even interesting

  • i can’t see how ANYONE could hate this book Evermore is a compeling love story that has a twist for tales and is deffinatly something to read is you like Dark Romance. Yes it is to be compared to Twilight but to be honest the conection Ever and Damen have is very different to Bella and Edwards.. if you loved Twilight you should love this just as much! I DID!!!! Best Dark Romance book i have read recently and the sequal is just as amazing!

  • i dont know if i should read this book i want to read a book all about romance and thats it my fav book from her is cruel summer i finished and i wanna now if there is another romanic book like it kan some one help?

  • Maybe its the same genre as Twilight, but its not at all like it.
    Evermore is maybe even better :-)
    And i really love vampyre book, so if some of you know good books with vampire write to me…
    Thank you.

  • I havent read this book but by your reveiw i can tell its nothing like Twilight and besides Twilight is full things you would read about in kid books

  • okay, i was surfing this site, looking for some reviews to have some ideas what books i should buy next..and then i saw the link and your rating..and oh gosh..are you serious? i LOVE this series.. give the second book a chance..swear it’s better than the first..the third will be a little irritating, but the fourth is the best.. okay i take it back.. the second and fourth are both awesome..and i really enjoyed the first one though..and it’s way better than twilight.. just saying 😉

  • read it twice

  • this book is really good it is the best book ever and if you would read it you just might actually enjoy it!!!!!!!!

  • I the second one in hope that it might improve on the story even slightly.
    I was sadly mistaken, and in fact, I found the second one worse. I gave away the series and refuse to touch the sequels.

  • I don;t agree with some of the comments the books is as addictive as Twilight and the love between Damen and Ever is as strong as the love between Edward and Bella I mean some people compare books to Romeo and Juliet when truly how could you they were supposedly the most romantic lovers in History so how could a teen book compare to them? But everyone has their own personal oppinions and I do not disrespect who think the opposite to me.Everyone should have their own love story and Love is love, so every love story is special to at least one person right? No haterz plz just my oppinion.

  • I don;t agree with some of the comments the books is as addictive as Twilight and the love between Damen and Ever is as strong as the love between Edward and Bella I mean some people compare books to Romeo and Juliet when truly how could you they were supposedly the most romantic lovers in History so how could a teen book compare to them? But everyone has their own personal oppinions and I do not disrespect who think the opposite to me.Everyone should have their own love story and Love is love, so every love story is special to at least one person right? No haterz plz.

  • I read this book a couple of months ago (before I read this review), and I’ll just say that I wish I’d read this first, ’cause then, maybe, I wouldn’t have read it!

    I agree completely with everything you’ve written, and would have actually not even given it two hearts… I was traumatized after reading it, having spent hours ‘listening’ to Ever’s boring, whiney, unintelligent thoughts.

    Anyway, I could go into much more detail, but who really cares – let’s just leave it at ‘I agree with your review’ and end here…

  • I’m considering whether to try this series. Though it sounds just like Twilight in reverse. I think I’m going to trust your review and not waist my time.

  • I love the Immortals serires. I have the people at work reading them and I can’t wait for Everlasting to come out this summer.

  • WOW those of you who said you didnt like it are crazy this book is brilliant. I never read and when I picked this up and started reading it I was trying to find time to read it as fast as posible. Once I finished this book I rush to get the other book and all I have to say is its a complicated book but I think thats why the dumb ASS MORRONS say its not good and they had to force them selves to read it. You didnt force your self to do anythig admit it you loved this book but first get that dick OUT OF YOUR ASS. I dont care what anyone says it was a good book.

  • Although I think the series is great, I noticed a huge gaping hole in the story. I’ve always wondered that if Ever reincarnates, then how come her parents, Riley and even their dog ends up in an afterlife? I mean, before Ever becomes an immortal, she is still living diffrerent lives through reincarnation (i.e. the one with the strict Puritan father, or the spoiled London girl one). But, after the car crash that killed her family, then end up crossing the bridge forever. I also read the book about Riley’s adventures in the afterlife, which proves that the rest of the family was definitely NOT reincarnated. Jude was also said to be reincarnated with Ever through all of her lives as her other lover. Am I the only one that realized this?

  • I thought the book was pretty had some iffy parts but overall it was good. I really liked Riley because although she was really annoying I could relate to her as a real person. Kinda reminds me of my sister actually…annoying but real.

  • I read it. OMGG! it was just the best book i had ever read!

  • ^^^^ Seriously, is this the ONLY book you have ever read??? For gods sake read the Hunger Games or go get a life!!!

  • I read this book a few years ago when I was younger, and though I cried when Riley left, I have to say I wasn’t really that impressed with the book or Ever herself. I have to say that agree with Nikki completely. I can’t bring myself to even try reading the second book.

  • Eh. I read this and I agreed. I found Ever quite irritating. And I noticed that EVERY single character had an unusual name. Damen? Ever? Honor? Haven? What the heck is up with this town? I like unique names as much as the next person but a whole town full of them? That’s just unrealistic.

    I didn’t like Damen either. I think maybe the reason they compared Twilight and Evermore is because they both have equally annoying characters? (No offense Twi-hards.)

  • Its an amazing book. I love it. It’s so intriguing i couldn’t get enough:) I would like to correct one ITTY BITTY thing thats bothering me. lmbo. Its DamEn :3
    That is all!:D

  • To be honest I loved this book. Oh by the way you spelled Damens name wrong. It’s not Damon. With your review you obviously don’t have a taste for the types of these books. If you have a bad review to them, then stop reading the genre.

  • People are comparing this book to Twilight but in all honesty, this book is a cheap ripoff of The Vampire Diaries with a few changed elements. The book was boring and poorly written. Ever is extremely annoying and its often hard to sympathize with her. I recommend that you don’t waste your time reading this sorry excuse for a book.

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