DNF: The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan


The DollsEveny Cheval just moved back to Louisiana after spending her childhood in New York with her aunt Bea. Eveny hasn’t seen her hometown since her mother’s suicide fourteen years ago, and her memories couldn’t have prepared her for what she encounters. Because pristine, perfectly manicured Carrefour has a dark side full of intrigue, betrayal, and lies—and Eveny quickly finds herself at the center of it all.

Enter Peregrine Marceau, Chloe St. Pierre, and their group of rich, sexy friends known as the Dolls. From sipping champagne at lunch to hooking up with the hottest boys, Peregrine and Chloe have everything—including an explanation for what’s going on in Carrefour. And Eveny doesn’t trust them one bit.

But after murder strikes and Eveny discovers that everything she believes about herself, her family, and her life is a lie, she must turn to the Dolls for answers. Something’s wrong in paradise, and it’s up to Eveny, Chloe, and Peregrine to save Carrefour and make it right.



My Review:

*I made it 100 pages into this book before I DNF’d it*


I had several problems with The Dolls that I don’t really no where to start. So I’m just going to list them down as bullet points and give a little description. It’s a little different than my normal review style but that’s how I’m going to do it.

  • The main character – Oh my gosh was she annoying or what? I had no patience for Eveny’s character whatsoever. She was a very whiny character and she just grated on my nerves.
  • The Flashbacks – I’m sorry…but I just couldn’t get past the fact that Eveny and all of her new “friends” remembered everything from when they were three years old. The only thing I remember from when I was three is my cousin shoving a big glob of sunscreen in my eye. I don’t remember my play dates or my family or anything else. I also have a three year old nephew and have witnessed his attention span. It was really annoying that Eveny “remembered” something every other page. I’m sorry…you don’t remember that much from when you were three. And it was really ridiculous how everyone else did too….it wasn’t just her.
  • All of the other characters – There wasn’t a single character that I liked during those 100 pages. I pretty much found everyone to be annoying.
  • How over the top it was – This book is very bold and flashy. It’s very unrealistic and over the top. It’s not a surprise that I ended up not liking this book, because I don’t tend to like books like that.


I can definitely see this book being a big hit and am not surprised at all that I didn’t like it. Fans of Natalie Whipple and Tara Hudson should definitely check this book out!


Pages: 384

Publication Date: 9/2/2014

Publisher: Balzer & Bray

Rating: DNF