DNF: Second Verse – Jennifer Walkup


17281820Bad things come in threes. In Shady Springs, that includes murder.

Murder Now
Lange Crawford’s move to Shady Springs, Pennsylvania, lands her a group of awesome friends, a major crush on songwriter Vaughn, and life in a haunted, 200-year-old farmhouse. It also brings The Hunt: an infamous murder mystery festival where students solve a fake, gruesome murder scheme during the week of Halloween. Well, supposedly fake.

Murder Then
Weeks before The Hunt, Lange and her friends hold a séance in the farmhouse’s eerie barn. When a voice rushes through, whispering haunting words that only she and Vaughn can hear, Lange realizes it’s begging for help. The mysterious voice leads Lange and Vaughn to uncover letters and photos left behind by a murdered girl, Ginny, and they become obsessed with her story and the horrifying threats that led to her murder.

Murder Yet to Come
But someone doesn’t like their snooping, and Lange and Vaughn begin receiving the same threats that Ginny once did. The mysterious words from the barn become crucial to figuring out Ginny’s past and their own, and how closely the two are connected. They must work fast to uncover the truth or risk finding out if history really does repeat itself.


Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup is a difficult book for me to review because I didn’t like the story, but it was well written. It honestly came down to the plot and the characters for me. I didn’t connect with anyone, and I didn’t overly enjoy the story itself. However, this book should be a big hit for younger teenagers, and it definitely gives off Halloween vibes, which is perfect for October!

The major problem that I had with this book was the two main characters, Lange and Vaughn. I didn’t care for either of them. I found Lange to be really boring, and I found Vaughn to be a little bit sleazy. I feel awful saying that, but I just didn’t like them. I also didn’t care for any of the supporting characters, and they actually really distracted me from the main storyline. Lange and Vaughn had too many friends who made constant appearances. I didn’t enjoy the drama between Vaughn/Kelly/Stace/and Lange. I know that they were in high school and drama comes with that scene, but I didn’t want to read about it. It also wasn’t a drama that I got invested in, so I just didn’t care. I would have preferred that the supporting characters had less show time and that it would have been more focused on Lange and Vaughn.

The storyline itself was cool. Younger teenagers are really going to enjoy the spookiness and mystery that Second Verse has. And I will say that the ending of Second Verse is VERY shocking! I was left in the dark for pretty much all of it. I didn’t guess what was going to happen, and I think readers are really going to enjoy that.

I’m going to be completely honest, I ended up skimming a large part of this book because I just wasn’t invested. I was really bored throughout most of it, and I just didn’t like any of the characters. However, the writing is really good. I could tell that even though I didn’t much care for the story itself. Again, I think that younger teenagers are really going to enjoy this book. I also think that it’s a great book to read around Halloween for a spooky vibe. It wasn’t for me, but I think it will be for someone else!


Pages: 288

Publication Date: October 1st, 2013

Publisher: Luminis Books

Rating: N/A due to DNF