Discussion Post: Where Did All the MG Love Go?


Lately, I’ve been battling with the idea of creating weekly or bi-weekly discussion posts. You know, for those topics that sometimes just weigh on our mind & need to be hashed out. Or maybe even those topics, especially for newer bloggers, that leave us confused and unsure what to do next.

I’m hoping that this can turn in to a fun thing that we all weigh in on & discuss. So, I’d like to highly encourage viewers, this week, to leave a comment on this discussion post, so that I can see how it’s going & how it’s being received from the viewers. I would really appreciate it!

This week, I really want to discuss the topic Where Did All the MG Love Go?


Yes, maybe this is a silly topic. I get it. We read what we read, and that’s that. This year, though, as I’ve been planning the 2016 Debut Authors Bash, I’ve came across a certain roadblock that we’ve never really encountered, to this degree, before. All of the MG author don’t think they’re actually invited.

You see, for the Bash, we invite everyone that we can find…..which usually consists of YA and MG authors. NA authors are more than welcome, but they’re usually not on the list that I view when contacting authors. Normally, we don’t encounter any issues, This year, though, all of the MG authors are replying to me saying “Hey, I would love to participate. I’m so excited for this. I write middle grade, though. Are you sure anyone is going to want me?” UHM, SAY WHAT? Of course, you’re invited! Of COURSE, bloggers are going to want to host you! WHY ARE WE GIVING MG AUTHORS THIS IMPRESSION?!

Now, I’m going to be up front and honest here: I don’t read MG. It’s nothing personal. I’m just a little too old for MG books & usually stray away from them. I think that authors appreciate it and realize that some adults don’t enjoy reading MG books; they’re not the target audience. That being said, I HAVE hosted MG authors on the blog before, because I love to show recognition for all authors!

Bloggers, YA bloggers in specific, have a self-imposed duty to showcase authors and the books that they love. Bloggers have every right to pick and choose what they showcase and what they rave about, but that’s what we do. So, it makes me really sad that MG authors think that they’re excluded and not part of our community. They are.

So, I’m wondering. How many of you read or actually showcase MG books/authors? Is this something that we’re straying away from? Is this really something that needs to be an issue and a concern? Because, I’m worried about this. And I’m going to make every effort to fix it….at least on our Blog.


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