Discussion Post: How to Manage Your Time


Hi, everyone! Welcome back!


I’m sorry that we haven’t done a discussion post in awhile! I actually had like 4 of them scheduled and then just didn’t have the time to write them. Ironically, I will be writing a post about how TO manage your time.


I have been there and done it all when it comes to managing time with blogging. I’ve been a full time student while attending classes at a University, I’ve worked full time 9-6 with constant overtime, I currently attend school online full time, I’ve balanced relationships and friends, and I’ll be starting up my student-teaching in the Fall. I guess you can say that my life is hectic and chaotic and overwhelming at times.

During each of those different phases of my life, I’ve either managed my time well or I haven’t. For example, when I worked full-time, I hardly ever blogged. I think I read about 19 books last year (and that was like 10 books after I quit my job in August.) I had no time for anything. On top of that, I was super stressed out AND bummed out that I couldn’t participate in a bunch of events because I 1) hadn’t read very many books and 2) wasn’t very familiar with any of the new books of 2015. It was a mess…

Going to school full time (right now) doesn’t really play a part with my blogging. Honestly, I probably spend way more time on here than I do with actual school work.  I’m reading more than I’ve ever read. It’s amazing!

One thing that I’ve adopted this year is a specific “blogging day.” Sunday’s are devoted to NASCAR, and I just sit on the couch with my laptop and blog while I watch the races. I don’t know why I haven’t adopted this practice in the past. Let me tell you, it is PERFECTION. I get so much work done on Sundays. Right now, things are a little chaotic, because I have so much going on with the Debut Authors Bash, but my blogging Sundays have become a permanent fixture in my life.

What I really want to discuss is how all of you manage your blogging time. I’m nervous for when I start student-teaching in the Fall, because I have a bad feeling that it’s going to be similar as to when I was working full time. I’ve gotten so used to loving reading again and enjoying blogging that I’m just really nervous about it. How do you all do it? Are you like me and assign a specific blogging day? Do you randomly blog? Or maybe do you set an hour or so each day to blog? Lunch hours? Let me know in the comments section below!