Defining Twilight – Brian Leaf


A book landed on my desk this week and although its not a fictional release, I thought some of you might be very interested in it. It’s called Defining Twilight and its essentially a vocab book aimed at aiding study for the SAT, ACT, GED and SSAT exams. It has a Twilight theme, something which a lot of you are pretty interested it. From what I can gather, I think the association with Twilight is suposed to make your studying a little less painful.

Will it? I really don’t know.

It has quizzes about words used in Twilight, comprehension tasks based on passages in Twilight, etc.

I admire the effort to encourage more kids to actually study, so if it works, then I say go for it. So I’m interested, would you use a book like this to help you study for the above exams?

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