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the loose endsSeventeen-year-old Maddie O’Neill Levine lives a charmed life, and is primed to spend the perfect pre-college summer with her best friends and young-at-heart socialite grandmother (also Maddie’s closest confidante), tying up high school loose ends. Maddie’s plans change the instant Gram announces that she is terminally ill and has booked the family on a secret “death with dignity” cruise ship so that she can leave the world in her own unconventional way – and give the O’Neill clan an unforgettable summer of dreams-come-true in the process.

Soon, Maddie is on the trip of a lifetime with her over-the-top family. As they travel the globe, Maddie bonds with other passengers and falls for Enzo, who is processing his own grief. But despite the laughter, headiness of first love, and excitement of glamorous destinations, Maddie knows she is on the brink of losing Gram. She struggles to find the strength to say good-bye in a whirlwind summer shaped by love, loss, and the power of forgiveness


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Carrie Firestone has lived in rural, urban, and suburban places, and, while she currently  lives in the suburbs, she is decidedly a CITY person. She loves parties, and all kinds of music, and books about random people doing random things in random places. She loves to travel with her husband, and two daughters, Lauren and Emily. When she isn’t writing, you might find her reluctantly sharing her popcorn at the movies, trying to get people (or dogs)  to do a conga line, or adding items to her loose ends list.


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  • Favorite Moments of Being a 2016 Debut Author.

There have been so many “snow globe moments” this year. But since the book is called The Loose Ends List, I’ve decided to make a list of seven (for good luck).

  1. Meeting other debut YA and MG authors (also known as Sweet 16’ers)

I had the opportunity to go to ALA in Boston to host a cocktail party for librarians with twenty- four other debut authors. I loved hanging out with people who understood the intense highs and lows of the debut experience.


  1. Going to the Little, Brown offices

When my amazing editor, Lisa Yoskowitz, told me I could attend the marketing meeting IN PERSON, I couldn’t wait to get to the Little, Brown offices in New York. Lisa met me in the lobby and gave me a tour of what might be the coolest place to work in the universe. Imagine… books everywhere, and snacks, and people talking about reading and writing. It was magical.


  1. Getting the actual book in the mail.

This has happened a few times and it never gets old. First came the ARCs. Then the German copies. Then the UK copy. Then the U.S. copy, complete with gasp-worthy cover art. Every time a Hachette box arrives, my heart races. It’s like when a long-anticipated book finally makes it to my doorstep, only I’ve already read it and my name is on it.


  1. Party Planning

I LOVE parties. I think I started planning my launch party the day after I got the book deal (okay, full disclosure, I was probably wishfully planning before I even started querying). Now it has ballooned into several parties in various locations. I figured I wouldn’t have another occasion to convince everyone I know to celebrate with me. This is my big chance.


  1. Mentoring Young Writers

I am currently mentoring my daughter’s fourth grade class. They have spent the year writing mind-blowing books. We will showcase their work at a launch party the week before The Loose Ends List comes out. I can’t wait to see their parents’ reactions!


  1. Participating In Panels With Other Authors

I am thrilled to be part of a group of New England-based YA debut authors making the rounds at bookstores and libraries in the coming months. We are all interested in discussing relevant topics, including “unlikeable characters in young adult fiction.” The other women on the panel have written beautiful books. I hope to see a great turnout at our upcoming events.


  1. Inspiring Loose Ends Lists

I have begun seeing ARC readers sharing their personal Loose Ends Lists on social media. Every time I see a list, I get all emotional. I hope many readers will consider their own loose ends lists, and will embrace life’s “snow globe moments.” I know I’m embracing mine.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to share some of my special debut year moments.


  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I love the travel aspect along with the grief and such. I wonder if it’ll surprise me at all. Thanks for sharing!

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