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October 29, 2010 posted by Christina

Cover of the Week #6

You should never judge a book by it’s cover.

Sure….but they never said we couldn’t admire them. Cover of the Week pays homage to the beautiful and eye catching graphics that grace the covers of our young adult titles.

This week’s cover of the week goes to Clarity by Kim Harrington

Release Date: March 2011

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  • I’m not sure about this one myself… The girl looks far too photoshopped for my liking, she’s just not realistic enough I guess. Plus the sunlight glints are just getting in the way.

    I love the font used for the title though, and the model’s beautiful eye colour.

  • But I really like the graphic look they’ve given the girl, I think it’s really cool, especially her eyes. I think it’s a nice mix of real photo + digital rendering (but that’s just my opinion :) )

  • Oh, I really like it!
    I think it works really great with the title and i love the little bird shadows on the top left corner!

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