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Cover of the Week
January 21, 2011 posted by Christina

Cover of the Week #18

You should never judge a book by its cover.

Sure….but they never said we couldn’t admire them. Cover of the Week pays homage to the beautiful and eye catching graphics that grace the covers of our young adult titles.

This week’s cover of the week goes to Chocker by Elizabeth Woods

Release Date: January 2011

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  • LOVE IT!

  • Stunning. I haven’t heard a word about this one.

  • I do happen to like this cover (and my review is going up for it next Thursday, but I’ll even admit here) that I really enjoyed reading it, too. However, don’t you think this cover is kind creepy? It reminds me of the perspective one would have if they were lying on a forest floor being choked to death. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it…

  • I HADN’T thought of it that way…but now…lol. I think the pink kinda calms it for me. If it were dark colors it would definitely creep me a bit.

  • @Melissa – hahaha, lol, I didn’t think of it that way till now either. But now that you mention it, I definitely see it. Creepy, in a subtle way.

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