Come Party With Us


To celebrate the fact that Ivy & I are now both back on deck, and yaReads is fully operational once more, we’ve decided to host another online reading party/marathon.

It’s going to be just like the last time, except much bigger, better, and way more fun!

What we’re proposing is that you give up one Friday, Saturday and Sunday of your lives and come party with us, YA style. We’ll be giving away prizes, running trivia and games, and of course, encouraging you to read as MUCH as you can during the party period. We may even get some of your fave authors to drop in and party with us.

Before we officially go ahead with this, we need to know how many of you are with us! So, head over to the forum, choose a date that works best for you, and register your name in this thread.

More information, news, rules and party tid bits to come as we collect them!

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