City of Glass News for Australian/NZ Fans


Cassandra Clare, author of the popular Mortal Instruments series, just updated her LiveJournal account with some very exciting news for Australian and New Zealand based readers about the release of her third book, City of Glass. Check it:
‘And lastly, good news for those readers in Australia and New Zealand who do not like to wait — the publication date of City of Glass there has been moved up to March 24, for a simultaneous release with the US edition! I’m very excited and pleased about this. This doesn’t affect the UK/Ireland edition; that’ll still be out July 6. *cowers* Look, it’s not me, I don’t make these decisions! It has to do with marketing! I will be over in the UK to promote Glass, though probably not in Australia as it is far and expensive for me to go.”

There you have it folks.

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