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March 19, 2009 posted by Nikki

City of Glass GIVEAWAY

Calling all Mortal Instruments enthusiasts. yaReads is very excited to announce that we have two City of Glass prize packs to giveaway to our readers, courtesy of Walker Books. The packs include a copy of the novel, which is scheduled for release on the 24th of March 2009, plus other goodies such as City of Glass posters, bookmarks and signed bookplates. We’re reserving one pack for our American/Canadian readers and one for the rest of you (that includes Australia, the UK, NZ and everywhere else you’re all from).

To win one of these awesome prize packs you need to do one or more of the following:

-Comment on this post with your email address and tell us your favorite Mortal Instrument character/s.
-Post about the contest on your blog
-Leave a link on your sidebar telling people about the contest
-Add to your blogroll (if you don’t have a blog, you can link to us on your myspace,facebook, other forums etc…)
-Add to your blogroll (if you don’t have a blog, you can link to us on your myspace,facebook, post about the competition on Twitter – be CREATIVE!

Leave a comment on this post outlining exactly how many of the above options you participated in with the link/s for proof. If you’re not comfy about displaying your email in public, you can send us your email address at yareadscontest(at)gmail(dot)com.

Each option will get you a new entry.

The competition closes on Friday March 27, 2009.

Stay tuned for an interview with the author herself, and my own personal review of the novel – both of which will be posted on the 24th!

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  • OMG. I am so excited for this book! I love Jace. dasuzuki at yahoo dot com

  • I also blogged about your contest here:

  • I also you to my Google Reader. dasuzuki at yahoo dot com

  • I also twittered about your contest!

  • I fell in love with Jace ^^


    +1 I’ve linked it on my sidebar

    +1 Added to my blogroll
    +1 Added to my blogroll

  • Awesome, this is just what you guys need to do. You can leave as many comments discussing the novel as you like but do you guys think you could list all your efforts in the one post, like Silvia has above? That would be most helpful.

    Thanks yaReaders!!

  • Okaaay…

    My favourite character is Jace (surprise surprise). I love him!

    +1 Added to my blogroll
    * It’s also linked under ‘My Favourite Sites’ on my blog.

    – Jenny

  • Fell in love with Jace as well, guilty lol! I like how complex his character is :)

  • ^

  • I also posted about the contest on my fb, and left a link for others, and I added to my fb sites as well as :)

  • -Jace!
    -put a link in my sidebar
    -Added to my blogroll
    -Added to my blogroll


    I love The Mortal Instruments series.
    My favourite characters are of course Jace and Clary… but my other favourite is Raphael. 😉


  • Okay Nikki, I’m entering but going to email you this stuff, just not too keen to have it up here displayed for everyone. Is that okay?

  • Hmmm….JACE!

    posted links on my blog – entry and sidebar. umm, your website is also on my blogroll.

    *fingers crossed*

  • Nice contest, thanks for hosting it! I think I’d have to go with Clary–she’s funny and strong and smart.

  • I’m a Jace girl myself! And I am gunning for the international draw!


  • My favorite character is Clary because she is able to take care of herself. I blogged about the contest. Link:
    -Senfaye :)

  • Wow this is so amazing. I was thinking of City Of Glass today but no money to buy it :( .

    Sure I will post whatever you want telling about yareads or the contest over my blog by Monday.

    I have not read any copies of it yet but I googled the characters and I like the blond guy character aka JAKE WAYLAND.

    I hope that I get a copy.

  • My favorite character is Jace. From the beginning he has always made laugh. (You should have my email address from filling out the comment form.)

  • Isabel (If your going to text Mangus To Say I think your Kewl Don;t)
    Simon (by the way i am sleeping with your mom)
    Jace (If you want me naked just ask)

  • I know I can’t enter the comp but I thought I’d put my own suggestions out there. My fave character is Magnus, by far. He’s 100 kinds of awesome.

  • Okay…

    My favourite character (other than Jace) is Magnus. He is in a million ways awesome. Everything from his gelled and sparkled hair spikes, right down to his rainbow leather pants. He’s a 300 year-old warlock dripping with awesomness. I love his sarcastic attitude. It’s the best. ‘Never doubt my weasling abilities, Shadowhunter, for they are epic and memorable in their scope.

    Also posted on my facebook notes/myspace blogg/myspace builitin etc.

  • My favorite character is Simon!
    I’m also following you on facebook!

  • My favorite character is Magnus. He is just awesome. I added you to my blogroll and the forum to my blogroll.

  • not read this series yet

  • subsribed

  • sent a friend request to myspace for to be a friend

  • Mortal Instruments is one of my favorite series. Can’t wait to read City of Glass! Like so many, my favorite character is Jace. :0)


  • My favorite character is Magnus! He’s so funny! 😀

  • Heard really great things about the author and the series.

  • Some of the best books I’ve read. Can’t wait to read City of Glass. Jace is by far my fav. There is something so fascinating about him that just draws me in.

  • My favorite character is Simon. And I’ve added both the site and the forum to my blogroll.

  • email:

    Fave Character: Jace! (surpise suprise!)

    ~ LiveJournal:

    ~Facebook: Nikki, you have me there, so you can see i linked the contest and added a note. (i tagged you in the note)

    ~MySpace: Nikki, you also have me on there, so you can see the bulletin i posted.

  • jace thanks for the giveaway

  • have not read any but they should like great books by what everyone has posted

  • My favorite would be Simon.

  • I like Jace.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Next, I posted it on my blog! —->

    You can also see the link to this contest on my sidebar when you click that link, too. (Or copy/paste). —->

    Same when you click the link, you’ll see it’s posted on my blog roll:

  • oooh! i love this contest! i adore clary! she’s my favorite character!

  • I have not had a chance to read these books yet so I don’t have a favorite Mortal Instrument character. I would love the chance to read and find one though!


  • I adore pretty much every MI character.

    But when it comes down to favorites– No one tops Jace. He’s confident, witty, and sarcastic. But between the cracks, we see his vulnerability and his confusion. A great character!

    brittany.d.howard at gmail dot com

  • My favorite is Clary.


  • I pretty much love Mangus. So dang interesting!!

    Thanks for the great stories!

  • My favorite character is Jace.
    techyone at gmail dot com

  • Wow, thanks for this awesome contest! =D Hmm that’s a tough question but I’d have to say Simon, he’s just so sweet. Thanks so much and I hope you have a great day!

    Lucy D

  • Hey,
    I love TMI and my favourite characters are Magnus and Jace. Magnus because he’s an awesome sparkly warlock, and Jace, well, just because he’s Jace.
    And I added your contest to my Facebook status.
    Do you want to know our country? Because I’m from the ‘everybody else’ category. Just in case :)

  • Checklist!

    -Comment on this post with your email address and tell us your favorite Mortal Instrument character/s. (JACE. Because. Um. He’s Jace. And I have a “thing” for Jace. not_so_cg[at]yahoo[dot]com)

    -Post about the contest on your blog (

    -Add to your blogroll (it is under “fantabulous blogs on my right sidebar)

    -Add to your blogroll (same place as last)

    So that’s about four?

    ~bella aire~

  • My fav is Magnus because he’s so funny!

  • Oooo gotta be simon. b/c hes so cute! tenderhart9[at]yahoo[dot]com

  • My favorite character is definitly Simon. I really like his sense of humor.

    And I linked you in my sidebar ^_^

    And added you to my blogroll ^_^

  • I hope it’s not too late to enter! My favorite character is Jace. (Quite obviously.) He’s got the whole moody, angsty, but secretly sensitive and tortured hot emo boy thing going on. Oooooh boy. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    stephxsu at gmail dot com

  • Email:

    My favorite character (other then Jace because I have a BIG thing for Jace) is Simon. I love Simon’s attitude…and he’s the character I smost relate too!!

    I posted this comment on my blog:

    I joined the YAreads group in Facebook:

    I posted this contest on my Twitter page and facebook page:

    Total participation: 4

  • What a newbie to the series? I don’t have a favorite b/c I only just learned about them – would love a chance to win anyway lol :) email:

  • Ooo awesome contest! It’s a tie between Simon and Jace for me!

  • hello =)
    t’s 11:29 here, I hope this is not too late! I just found out about it.
    My favorite characters are Jace and Isabelle
    and I twittered a bit about the contest.

    thank you for having this!

  • My favorite character is Jace followed by Clary.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  • I wonder who is the Winner???

  • my favorite character would have to be Jace, simply because i love the name and he reminds me in a subtle way of one of my best friends ive known all my life.
    I love you guys!
    Keep reading!

    Kayla Gough

    Alabama, USA

  • my favorite character would have to be Jace, simply because i love the name and he reminds me in a subtle way of one of my best friends ive known all my life.
    I love you guys!
    Keep reading!

    Kayla Gough

    Alabama, America

  • I soooo want to read this. I heard and read great reviews about this book.

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