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November 26, 2008 posted by Nikki

City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

This is the first novel in the Mortal Instruments series.

When Clary meets Jace, Isabelle and Alec in a club one night, her whole world suddenly gets turned upside down. See the thing is, Jace and his friends are Shadowhunters – an elite breed of humans created specifically to keep the population safe from demons and other unsavoury creatures. When on a mission, Shadowhunters should be invisible to the ordinary humans (termed “mundanes”) but much to everyone’s surprise, Clary can see them all perfectly well.

After a demon attacks her mother, Clary has no choice but to step inside the complex Shadowhunter world. Suddenly, everything she had always thought was fiction and fantasy becomes her reality. After only a short time in Jace, Isabelle and Alec’s company, Clary realises that perhaps, she’s more than just the regular human girl she always thought she was. Jace suspects it from the moment he sees her, but Clary isn’t sure. Is she a Shadowhunter? And if so, how on earth did she go through her entire life not knowing this?

The characters in this story are so colourful, so alive, that they could actually be real. I completely forgot I was reading a book; my experience with City of Bones was much more like watching a movie or listening to someone narrate a really vivid story. Clary is just so normal that she could literally be the girl next door. She’s dealing with friendships, love, relationships, and parental trouble. She’s a moral, upstanding citizen that values human life, family and friends above all else. I don’t think there is anyone anywhere that couldn’t relate to some aspect of her personality.

I was entirely unsurprised when Clary realises that she has feelings for Jace. He’s attractive, bold, fearless and a complete mystery. If this novel were set in a schoolyard, Clary would be the new, shy girl and Jace would be the all powerful, popular kid. Everyone looks up to Jace – and for good reason. He’s a brilliant, brave fighter and an asset to the Shadowhunting community. So when Valentine (the Big Bad in this series) rocks into town and pulls a Darth Vader, announcing that he’s Jace’s father, all hell breaks loose. Things get really interesting when its determined that Jace is not an only child, like he always thought…

City of Bones is narrated in third person, so the novel isn’t restricted to just one character’s version of events. Girls will be drawn into the romance, and the drama that unfolds within individual relationships. And boys will undoubtedly love all the action and suspense. The fantasy will appeal to all. City of Bones calls upon a wide variety of fantasy elements, showcasing vampires, faeries, werewolves, super-humans and more.

Cassandra Clare has the whole suspense thing down pat in this novel. Each page holds a new drama, a fresh revelation, a new jaw-dropping experience. It is completely unputdownable. You’ll be hooked after just the first chapter.

Rating: : ★★★★★

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  • I was hooked after the first sentence!
    Great review!

  • the best book i have read in a long long time. amazing and addicting, i find myself wanting to re-read it a lot =]

  • This is such a great book!

  • You’re not wrong. Its spectacular in every which way. Have you read Ashes? I sure hope so….

    We’re gearing up for the release of GLASS here at yareads, and I can tell you that it is not without its jaw-dropping moments. Stay tuned, review coming on the 24th!!

  • I really like this book too.I hade to read little to get to it.I have been reading it every night before going to bed.I read till my eyes cannot stay open any more to read it.this is my frist time reading this book.So far I cannot wait to read the next one to see what happens.I read reviews on here that made me want try books that gethight markes from u Nikki to see if that book is worth my time to read.

  • I hope they make a movie of this book! i am addicted to this books and, i want this sereis to continue

  • I love theese books. Im so addicted. I keep reading and reading and reading them over and over again, and i never get bored. I’ve actually only read ashes and Glass, but loved them both and would love to get bones as soon as possible.
    I <3 Mortal Instruments!

  • I’ve recently finished reading this book. It’s fantastic and your review fits it perfectly.
    All the other books have already been released so I don’t have to wait too long. :)
    I’ve reread City of bones a countless number of times, I think it’s becoming a bit unhealthy.


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  • This book was OK. I wouldn’t say its a masterpiece. It can get really predictable, and sometimes it seems like Clare is trying TOO hard with her constant barrage of predictable video-game like fight scenes. She is humorous, which makes the book easier to read– but the whole jace-clary sibling thing–totally gross.

    can you say incest? I felt gross being all happy and gooey eyed for them, and then BAM, they are brother/sister? yuck. I feel that was an awful, and blind sighted move on her part to put a spin on a predictable novel. I will give her this- there were a few surprises for me, and i laughed. All in all, the books not awful, but its no masterpiece.

    • Dude they find out later that there not bother and sister

  • this book is my fav and cassandra clare first series!

  • In honesty this is the best series I’ve read in so long, and let’s just say chapters and indigo are my second home. I’ve been finished them for weeks now but can’t fully enjoy other books because all I’m thinking about is Jace and clary. It’s the best star crossed lover theme since twilight. And the incest thing didn’t gross me out at all. I wanted to throw the book across the room half the time while reading it.. And I may have a couple times. I can’t get city of bones off my mind. I know I’m going to end up reading the entire series over and over again
    I really hope they don’t make a movie, it will ruin it just like it ruined twilight. Save cit of bones for people who aren’t too lazy to pick up a book and see the story the way it’s meant to be :s

  • The Mortal Instruments series is probably the best series I’ve ever read! The incest thing surprised me but I already loved Clary and Jace together so much to think of it as gross. I can say that I hate re-reading books over again but when I start reading Cassandra Clares books, I just can’t put them down, whether or not I’ve read it before!

  • For once I liked your review. This book was so thrilling and exasperating tears continually rolled down my face toward the end, especially during the Valentine and Jace confrontation. Like Clary, I too felt myself falling for Jace. My favourite part of the book was when he kissed her in the greenhouse. I was lost in this book for days, finding I couldn’t turn myself away from the impeccable story. I was satified with the ending, as I’m usually not with most books. Though well descriptive, so many details made this book a little confusing and during the end I had forgotten minor details at the beginning like what the ravener looked like and what the forsaken were. I’d tell Cassandra to tone it down a bit, but it was an extremely enchanting book.

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