Character Interview with Sybil Nelson



Sybpic Character Interview



Priscilla, how are you warming up to your new found powers?

I’m pretty much getting used to all of them, except the hearing thing. The super strength comes in handy when I have to defend myself against my evil little brothers. And the shooting fire out of my fingers, well, let’s face it, that’s just pretty awesome. But the super hearing can be downright annoying when you’re trying to sleep and all you hear is your older brother humming Christina Aguilera songs in the next room.


Is it difficult to have friends when you have to hide such major secrets from them? Totally! I really can’t tell anyone, well, except Tai. But she’s more of a sister than a friend. I think if any of my other friends in River’s Bend knew what I could do they’d make me join the circus. And not the cool circus with elephants and acrobats. One of those scary freak show circuses with bearded chipmunks and broken ride operators with one eye.


How has your relationship changed with your mother? I have definitely started to understand her more. I understand that she went away so much because she was saving lives. I actually kind of look up to her. Now if I could just do something about her pitiful fashion sense our relationship would be perfect!


What about with your brother, Josh? Okay, don’t tell anyone, but I happen to think my older brother Josh is kind of amazing. I always have. He’s so thoughtful and responsible and caring. He’s the best brother in the world. But if you tell him that I will totally deny it. Anyway, while I’ve always thought that about him, I would never dare show it.  Going through this whole super powered mutant thing with him has made us a lot closer, though.  In fact, lately, I might even be caught giving him a hug…in public!


I’m sorry you had to leave your school and move away to the middle of nowhere. How are you adjusting to that? Okay, I might be able to handle the moving away thing a bit better if I could at least have a Facebook page and keep up with my friends back in the Bend. But, no, Dad thinks it’s too dangerous. So let’s just say I am a super bored super hero at the moment.


And what about the new cute guy, Marco? Do you think he might get between you and Kyle?

Marco is the only thing keeping sane while I’m banished to Misery, I mean, Missouri. Since he’s my age, he’s the only one I really hang out with anymore. But Kyle has been my bud since we were two. There’s no way Marco could ever get in the way of that…could he?9939122


What has it been like being surrounded by other kids who have powers? Oh, it is crazy. You try playing Capture the Flag when your competition can read minds and fly. It’s like I have to create a whole new set of games to play where our powers don’t give us an advantage. That pretty much limits us to like Guitar Hero. Now if I can just figure out how to keep from melting that little plastic guitar every time I go into the solo from “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses.


If you could have any other power what would you choose? I hate to admit that I admire anything about Specimen Xi, but her ability to heal is pretty stinkin awesome.  I’d love to be able to kick some bad guy butt and never have a scratch on me.


One last question, Priscilla. What do you want your super cool superhero name to be?

Oh, oh, that is such a great question! How about Fire Girl, no, no, Fire Woman like that song from the Cult. Or, the Red Warrior. Or Darth Priss, though that kind of makes me sound like a villain. I guess Jedi Priss could work. Or Dancing Queen. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with fighting bad guys, but have you seen me dance? I really should add dancing to my list of powers cause I am dancing machine!

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