Character Interview with C.J. Redwine


C.J. Redwine is the author of Defiance. You can find out more information about C.J. on her website. Take a look below to see a character interview with the Commander from Defiance!

Character Interview with the Commander:


How many years have you ruled over Baalboden?


50. I’ve been in charge of these people since the Cursed One destroyed our world.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?


Strong. Uncompromising. Dedicated.


What are your reasons for hating Logan? Is it simply because his mother defied your laws?


Logan is a piece of trash on the bottom of my boot, but you haven’t earned the right to ask me why I hate him. I don’t explain myself to anyone.


Now that the citizens have fled Baalboden would you consider yourself powerless?


You are only powerless when you give up your right to power. I haven’t given up anything. And I am far from powerless. Do you really think I don’t already have a plan in place to redress this situation and come out far stronger than I ever was to begin with?


What do you have in store for Rachel, the girl who went against you at every opportunity?


Death. A long, slow, tortuous death that will be remembered for decades to come.


Do you know if there is more than one Cursed One?


I believe there are, though we only ever see one at a time.


Why does the Cursed One fear you?


Because I know how to keep it away from me. And no, I won’t share that secret with you. Secrets equal power, and we’ve already discussed the fact that I don’t give my power away to anyone.


What can we expect from you in book 2?


An unswerving dedication to righting the wrongs done to me and to punishing the offenders in ways that will serve as a lesson to anyone who might consider crossing me again.