Character Interview with Amber Garr


Character Interview:

Marguerite Dumahl


Were you forced to marry your husband? Did you originally love him or did you come to love him? Ours was an arranged marriage but we grew to love each other very much. I had my heart set on someone else for a long time, but in the end Charles and I made a good match.


At what age did you become a clan leader? I was seventeen. Younger than Eviana, but I’d been ready to accept the challenge with my husband by my side.


What must you give up in order to become a great leader? You have to accept the decisions you make, knowing not everyone will agree. It is a difficult position to be in, but you must do what’s best for the good of your clan.


You’re daughter, Eviana, does not want to marry Kain. What are your thoughts on that?

Kain is an excellent leader and Eviana should be delighted to marry him. She may not love him yet, but I can see the potential. She has no future with that selkie and the sooner she realizes this, the better.


Would you consider Eviana’s relationship with Brendan love or lust? I think she loves him, but it will never work. He will leave her eventually and she refuses to understand this. It is in every selkie’s future and no amount of teenage love will change his natural instincts.


Would you say that you are proud of Eviana? I am very proud of her. She may push me to my limits, but I admire her tenacity and strength. There is so much of me in her…


You shunned Eviana when she ran away. Would you stand by that decision? I have to. Whether I wanted to do this or not, it was a time to do what was needed for my clan. If I wouldn’t have been strong and stayed true to my words, I would have lost the respect and power of my people at a time when I couldn’t afford to do so.


Eviana has now been forced to hold an insane amount of responsibility. Do you have any advice for her? Use the strength of your friendships and think every decision through rationally. It is a very tough position, especially at her young age, but I trust that she will be a capable and valued leader. She has power like no other, and I believe she will learn to pull from that.


If you could say one more thing to Eviana, what would it be? I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to teach you more, or train you more, or hold you again. I wish I could be there for you now.

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